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Friday, May 20, 2011

Current News & Scandals

Maybe this subject doesn’t even deserve a post. Let me know.

I watch a lot of news so it is just so in my face. The nation or at least our state are rocking and rolling in shock about the former governor’s love child.

Should anything really shock us any more? Poor Maria Shriver... 
Public scandals of division are something I pray against for whatever future marriage God has for me. I want to be secure in it and know that both of us will stick together no matter what.

Then there is the end of the world slated to begin tomorrow night. Now see if this guy had predicted this for the days of the Japan quakes…. 

Yeah never mind see my post from last August if you think the sky is falling. I have not even seen the bill boards with no car to drive around in. Someone in one of my classes said they were able to interview this guy and of course his hermeneutics and theology are all wonky. Ugh SMH
Lord please help us!!!

I thought it was bad when the weirdo 1 of “2.5 guys” was trending to no end. Thankful that that is over but not thrilled about what is new on the scene. 

The Thrive conference was underway recently here in town. My experience a couple of years ago left me wanting… The best thing about it was Francis Chan who has stayed true to his radical form since then if news serves at all.
It was my first time on the Bayside campus and also the same place I saw No Arms & Legs Nick
plus Tamra Lowe White Girl Rap 4 God
If only what really mattered trended harder more. Sigh

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