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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Winds of Change....

Sigh well here we go again it would seem. I swear sometimes I wonder what God knows about me that I do not because I have no wanderlust!!!

I also love people and want to just get along and love on them. I want to get some place and stay. Dig in my roots and settle. Instead the flame spurs me forward.

At least it is still an adventure. Are you along for the ride and so free flowing? It can't be just me.

Not sure where exactly or rather how exactly I will land this time. I wonder who I should talk to that might not think I am going a bit into lunacy.

I had to ask myself am I a cog or a clog in the system? My name is not Jonah I am not causing a storm but misplacement is as bad as not being in. If someone needs me there but I remain here well that is a problem.

At least I feel older wiser and more in control now. hahahaha

Yeah I feel... I think....

We will see.

The emotional storm from yesterday brought back up the growl. If I want it to be right I might have to design and run it myself. Make (it) your own... is something Mamma used to say. What did she know and see about me that I still don't get?

In class this week my professor said only about 2% of the population are innovators. Something clicked for me. No wonder I feel so lonely. No wonder people do not understand.

Marked from the womb my life and mind say kingdom mentality I do not belong to nor have I been conformed to this world. I take my cues from heaven and on high.

I see far out imagining my field of dreams a full stadium. I can see, the people, smell the scents and hear the roars.

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