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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Fun

My house is a girly haven. Asleep up stairs are my daughter and friend. There is a bottle of hair dye smelling up the bathroom. My poor kitchen was a wreck and various signs of their presence litter the house. It is Friday morning but this post will land on Sunday. No idea where things will progress to by then.

I so loved being a stay at home mom. It is the time I love best about my life still I think. As the title of this blog suggests I keep odd if not late hours. I am alive and thoughtful when ever I am up. After musings at midnight I like to sleep in til the sun is high or I used to.

This getting up on east coast time thing has been weird to say the least.

Daughter loves the relaxed schedule as well. 

Wake up late, raid the kitchen, paint nails, work on cross word puzzles, connect with friends through social media. That is how I like my days to begin. I roll over in bed thinking about God or ministry most of the time. Making time to actually do devotional has been a bit more of a challenge for a while.

Speak Lord your servants are listening..sigh

It wouldn't be so bad if I were keeping up with my journaling but even that has been hit or miss. Still His mercies renew and the kids come and go. We've had a young couple with a baby step sister one, step sister two due any day now, a school friend, the intervention, a newly wed, a couple of teen guys, two or three of the other best friends, wow a lot of people here in just these few short months!

You just do not know joy until your bathrooms in a YouTube video with your teen and her friends. lol

With all this hosting you would think I have been baking up a storm. The truth is we've had more pizza I think. The good news is the young one is not only a video star she can cook too.

I think the addiction to popsicles has ceased and thank goodness we have not been overly swayed by the fact that right across the street is a donut shop.

My plan or tomorrow...I think tomorrow....must be to see if Staples can fix my damaged laptop. Silly me I dropped it on the power cord and the jack is unhappy just in time for the end of school. BLAH

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