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Monday, May 2, 2011

Church Diversity A Book Shout Out

So I got my cyber hands on an early copy of the new book by @ScottWilliams who you can find on Twitter and other places on the web.  

Church Diversity: Sunday, The Most Segregated Day of the Week
Weren't we just discussing race and the Church? Wait lol it’s not a discussion it’s my mixed race life. I was telling the new believers I have met, it is just comfortable for me to be involved with people that do not look like me.

God knew He would eventually break down these racial walls and He has and is raising generations to embody what church is supposed to look like.

The book tells mostly the authors personal story. There are 8 short chapters and less than 200 pages.
  • The Most Segregated Day of the Week.
  • Confront the Elephant in the Pew
  • Everything Starts with Leadership: Leading Beyond the Dream
  • The Great Omission
  • Corporate America Cares More Than the Church
  • Churches Ahead of the Curve: Small Stories Shaping the Big Picture
  • Diversity in Worship
  • Back to the Basics: The ABCs of Church Diversity
I feel blessed to be able to say all but a couple of local churches I have attended in recent years seems to have a handle on these issues. You can see my previous posts on the issue of race or the one on my church hopping adventures if you would like specifics.

Maybe we are spoiled to live in Sacramento which is so extremely diverse. It helps I am sure that it is a busy big capital city. It probably also has to do with being a Californian. Few people you meet are actually from here.

When I was homeschooling it would some times come up that presumably homeschoolers are all white. I would laugh and say even if that was true when theChild and I show up we bring the diversity.

A more relevant problem that I hear about is fellow students complaining about praise & worship in school. Yikes I don’t get it but then I am just versatile. The only problem I see is main stream modern Christian music. I miss the diversity of genre.

Living as a heathen I enjoyed rock and heavy metal along with pop and gansta' rap. 103.9FM is like easy listening by comparison. I think they could do a lot to widen the taste of their audience. Maybe when my autographed book comes I will send it for them to check out.

Get this book, join the conversation on your own blogs and Twitter. Use the hash tag #ChurchDiversity. It will lead you to others who are reviewing along with me.

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