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Monday, May 23, 2011

Chaos & Confirmation

Yikes wow yup yup the song fits. I was singing just this week it seems.

Then Thursday hit. I woke up early and started the morning ritual with plenty of time to get to school and be there all day 10-10. Almost two hours before I would need to leave I call my ride. No answer. At least her phone was back on. I was all but set to take the bus but just wanted to check in with her. We played tag and that got me distracted from my first mind perhaps.

I had woken up happily talking to God contemplating my future. The next thing I know I am missing buses and having other issues. Feeling in limbo just so irritated me. The only thing I could have done differently was try and confirm the night before. Might not have helped me through a sudden emergency but anyway something to strive for. Until they call to confirm with me I need to because it means they might not be thinking of me. ggggrrr

Anyway finally on the bus I try to recompose and am looking forward to arriving in a timely manner. I had thought to head one way but missing that first bus I decided to go the opposite direction.

Arriving at the street of my connection I realize that the needed bus is going to leave without me. I try to catch it but am not fast enough plus there was a work truck blocking my path for just long enough to help hide me from the driver who might have seen me and waited just a few moments longer....

Could this all have been a set up? To elicit a reaction out of me? I began to try and reason with myself as I paced for 20 mins missing the dead line of on time arrival. The irony is that I went from Gods presence at home to on my way to another gathering in it else where. There is also the idea that school is keeping track. I have already missed days here and there due to transportation issues.

Be intentional, release & trust. I could barely hear that
I did however begin to pray Lord what are you saying?

Not about facts like that I could have confirmed my contact the night before or even how if I had been keeping up with my homework I would not have missed the bus due to looking for a folder I needed.

What are You saying about my future? Something new is afoot. Sure enough He began to say Yes and BOTH.

BOTH? I have recently been asking about something new and wondering which direction to take it in. Hello Dorothy the Scarecrow is right. Oh My...

As good a time as any to get my dance on. I could already see it deep I just had no idea how wide I needed to spread His net.

So off we go towards a new adventure. I will keep you posted as I try to keep my head on straight.

The great news is I have taken good notes along the journey and through all my experiences thus far. Coming into a new adventure I feel well equipped.

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