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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Church as Family or Community

For those who are following along and tracking, my focus is changing or perhaps getting larger even as it gets more vague and clear…. 
Yes you might want to call for the updates on that. I might even need your help.
This post however is just to wrap up some thoughts on my personal observations from within the Organic expression of church.
When I labeled the previous post Church is 2 or 3 gathered it was in reference to the idea that we do not all always need a pastor or  dedicated church building. 

We are the church and God is present in our midst when we gather. When we focus on Him or gather in His name He reveals Himself and ministry takes place. 

Revolutionary and foundation rocking ideas it would seem since I do not hear it preached anywhere. Wait would it put preachers as we know them out of jobs? Could that be why they do not seem to have this revelation or feel released to share it.

A new thought I am grappling with is the idea that the church is more a community than a family. It might be because I grew up surrounded by my small nuclear family. 

Holidays meant special dining not extra people coming over. Roles were clearly defined. I had parents and an older brother. We did not even have pets. 

Diversity of gifting? What would that have looked like? I have no idea.

Community on the other hand lends it self in my opinion better to encompassing all that the Body of Christ is called to do. Community has the very old and the very young, it has commerce, it has art. 

Maybe it is just semantical but I like the sound of the Body as community.

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