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Friday, May 13, 2011

Do You Have A Tithing Testimony?

It was September 2003. I am a single mother. I was making $1000 a month and my rent was $500. 
My child support was set at a little over two hundred dollars a month but we had never seen a check for that. One day in 2001 I got a random check for around $1000 but other than that we never saw a penny from my daughter’s father. 
Circumstances aside I knew the Bible says to tithe. God had taught me about tithing as a child living at home so I was eager to just get with the program and be obedient.
As a child my parents used to give me a little bit of money to put in the offering plate at church. I did this blindly for years until it came to me that I could easily pocket the money for my own use.
Every time I tried that the money got lost, stolen or wasted. It never went to the things I was hoping to use it for. I knew it was a sign. God was showing me to be honest and respectful to Him and my parents.
He doesn’t need our money He wants our hearts. He wants our focus and to know we will obey the things He asks us to do. 
Back to September 03, I was attending a new church. 
During the week I write out a tithe check in anticipation for Sunday service. I give it and am just preparing to make due with what is left believing God will stretch and provide.
Before the check is deposited and the money leaves my account I get my first child support check in the mail. Two hundred and change is more double the tithe.
I could call that coincidence but I decided to believe that God was trying to show me His approval of my obedience.

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