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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sugary Wax & Dye

Well the girly house is still very girly.

The bottle of hair dye that sat mixed in the bathroom having chemical reactions over the weekend still had some potency so we are rocking a few mellow random all but hidden streaks. lol

Then last night she tried to make wax because she is annoyed having to shave her legs.

I do not know if it was our errors or the recipe just does not work.

It seemed so simple:

1Cup Sugar
2 Tablespoons each lemon juice and honey

Heat to dissolve the sugar and presto you have yummy....liquid candy....where's the wax?

Maybe we needed fresh lemon as it did call for. Maybe we did not heat the sugar enough but it sure got HOT.

Never the less mini chemists that we are we are in full on experimentation mode.

She was telling me she wantst to eat @ Olive Garden. Random much? Presto for Mothers Day mom sent me a gift card so some day soon we can.

Later today we have a meeting with her school advisers. Then...Thai food after some program at school. I am excited about Thai food since I tried their green non spicy curry. She was supposed to have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I called to cancel or reschedule it on Saturday. If I had not gotten an auto reminder late Monday night I would not feel so ambiguous.

If she needs summer school it starts next Tuesday even tho school will not be out until the 14th or so. That is because it looks like we are going to change charter schools.

The meeting we have planned is...serious and I feel we have all dropped the ball. Her the school and myself. This is not the charter I would have chosen. So many things have felt out of my control. How is this my life some times I wonder. Oh well

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