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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A New Picture of Church?

I have been a little pulled away and distracted but here is the post I wanted to make back around the 7th that I felt needed some foundation or at least back ground. 

I have refrained from giving it a controversial title. I wanted really to make a statement that I know is just foundation rocking.

I will just continue to share my experiences instead. If you know me you can call and ask. I really have no secrets I just do not want to start a frenzy.

Meeting with the new group is going well. Tuesday night it was just us women which was enlightening.
They are so gracious to me I feel blessed. I do crave the depth of Christian friendship and intimacy.

I am praying about, now that I finally have some space all to myself again, finding some locals to gather here. It has been so long since I lived on my own I almost forgot what it was like and all the potential there in.

Living in community is about seeing people regularly the way you see neighbors and co workers. Ideally it is so that you see each other without it having to be planned event and or extra activity. 

I heard Shelia Walsh from Women of Faith saying the core group of ladies on that tour all moved to live basically in the same neighborhood.

If that is not transformational and mind blowing I do not know what is. Not all of them are single and at least one has a child still in the home.

Maybe just maybe it is just the semantics of church gathering that people need to wrap their heads around. 

lol Maybe not...

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