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Friday, April 8, 2011

Church is 2 or 3 Gathered

In 2003 I came back to Christ. As 2004 started I lost my job and thus began the vagabond years. It was not until November 2010 that I would have my own lease on a decent sized living space for theChild and I.

There was no money in the bank account and my employer another single mom struggling from pay check to pay check was behind in payments to me as we parted ways and not pleasantly at all.

I was trying not to panic but it was a scary time. For the next 6 months I lived on faith and the kindness of strangers. I was asking God to send me to a good old fashioned prayer group like my mother used to have where the Holy Spirit moved and was active.

Finally as summer set in He sent one to me. It came in the form of my best friend and neighbor at the time. She and her sister along with her mother were used to meeting as a family for prayer once a week.

One day the three of them showed up in my door way saying the Holy Spirit told them to come and include me into the mix. We began to have a glorious few weeks or months. My friend and I were close so her mom and sister were not total strangers but a new closeness came between us all.

My spiritual life was growing at a steady pace. I still attended church regularly and had daily devotional time in the morning. There was also an evening hour I gave to God in praise and worship.

The weekly afternoon prayer with the women evolved as we continued to share. Other members of their family came a few times. My mother visited more than once. A semi random friend of mine even joined in one day. That day the other regulars who were all baptized in the Holy Spirit as evidenced by speaking in tongues for some reason did not.

After the meeting my friend stayed for dinner and confided that things like tongues were unfamiliar to her as a believer. The Holy Spirit had directed the group, holding back that which would have made one too uncomfortable. No one had to discuss it. It just happened and felt right even though I knew it was unusual for our group.

Each week there was no leader and no real set agenda besides the location and start time. A few weeks into our meetings Holy Spirit led us all to feel like we needed to have was music to set and change the atmosphere when we got together. Other than that we shared relating stories or experiences from our lives and the week, we ate, drank coffee, read the word, and laid it all before God in prayer.

Prophecies came forth to encourage and direct us. The sisters were married to unsaved men. My friend had three girls but my other neighbor her sister had no children. These issues weighed heavy on their hearts respectively and God told them salvation's and birth for the barren one would come. These things have since come to pass. It was a girl.

Being part of a thriving vibrant intimate group of regularly meeting strong believers was and amazing experience that over shadowed attending church even when the pastors message seems tailored to your individual situation.

Like the old Cheers theme song there is just something about going “…where every body knows your name & they’re always glad you came…” This I believe is really New Testament Acts living. A picture of what the Body of Christ should really be like in the life of every believer.

It doesn’t take money or very much set up. It does confirm what I mentioned the pastor said in my last post. ‘Opt for small over corporate if there is only one slot available for fellowship during the given week.’ When you really meet with and have encounters with the Truth it will keep you on the straight and narrow and in fellowship in total.


  1. Is it silly for me to comment on my own posts?

  2. I enjoyed reading about your experience with this prayer group. Looking forward to checking out more of your blog!

  3. Hi! Wow I need to check my comments more. I wonder if I need to turn notifications on. Meanwhile thanks for taking a moment to say hello. Glad you liked this post. Let me know what else you see that you like. Take care.

  4. I can't agree more! I have also experienced attending and having these groups. For intercessors, this is a way of life. You have your prayer groups and then you have your PRAYER GROUPS! lol Great share, Tosca!

    1. lol Ms Amy what a joy to have you dropping by the blog. It is with these experiences that I attend churches and wonder why Christians do not want to gather and pray with no agenda.

      I cannot understand why they don't think anything will happen. God wants to bless us and connect with us but the church is too busy and disconnected. It is heart breaking.