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Sunday, April 8, 2012

What about Sunday

My parents were west coast transplants. This meant holidays were festive but low key. For a few of my adult years my mothers sister lived in town and our families would gather together. If I was asked to contribute anything to the meals it would be dessert. 

I might have wanted to mix them up more and try different things but theirs was a more traditional crowd. We did a lot of peach cobbler and apple pie.

When I lived at home our family would attend church and then come home to eat. My dad was a bit of a hermit and it curtailed my mothers desire for entertaining. That coupled with little to no family in the area sealed our holiday fate.

Today I am doing nothing and playing hooky from services. My daughter is going with her step family to eat and hang out. I should be able to get to the grocery store while she is gone. 

There are no Peeps or Jelly Beans here. I dislike both. Chocolate bunnies were not the tradition. I have some dark chocolate that I keep handy because it is good for my heart...

This song came to mind for today when I was contemplating what I might post. I hope you are at peace inside and out. I hope you are feeling loved by those around you. 

You Raise Me UP!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Happy Easter! :)


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a nice day.