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Friday, April 13, 2012

Locked In For Souvenirs

My mother sent me on an expedition into Old Sacramento.
My mission: Pick up souvenir shirts that said Sacramento for her sisters who had come to town. They were here and left so quickly they had no time to shop and get memorabilia.

My best friends' daughter and son were with us. The girls were 10, the boy was about 8. 

So there we were wandering through shops in the Old Sacramento area taking in the sites. I had stopped in a few places, not finding what I was looking for. 

Finally I entered yet another shop. The kids were a bit tired. They decided to take a seat on a bench outside on the walk way.

These little hole in the wall stores are not that big for those who are not familiar.

As I entered, leaving the kids behind me, I saw the shop keeper busy fussing with inventory or paperwork from behind the counter. 

I thought she had looked up to take notice of me. Another shopper was in the store and exited before me. I was keeping a low profile because I did not need any assistance.

Focused on tee shirts and their various designs I notice out of the corner of my eye the shop keeper walk by me towards the front doorway of the store. 

Again I am thinking "she knows I am here". Next thing I know she is exiting, closing the doors, locking them and walking away.


I scramble to the doors. I try them they are secure. I can see the children out side the doorway. I am not sure if they completely saw and understood what had just happened but they begin to become aware of the new crisis.

I am locked in. "Which way did she go?" I ask through the door and the children point. I try to stay calm. 

It is not even that I don't feel safe. It is nerve wracking because technically the children are now unattended.

I quickly check out the place. I realize there is no back door entrance. I wonder where the shop owner has gone. I see that she has left her purse and wallet behind the counter.

This tells me she probably went to use the bathroom rather than off to lunch. It was around lunch time.
What was I supposed to do now?

The children begin to panic a little and I try to reassure them. 

We contemplate things like calling authorities on the phone or flagging someone down like a passing city guide.

Time passes.

After not too long, indeed the shop keeper returned having just run out to grab a drink or use the potty.

No one could have been more shocked to find a stow away in the store. She was mortified to realize what she had done.
She kept apologizing to me repeating that she had totally not seen me. We were able to laugh about it. 

I cannot recall if I found the shirt sizes and designs that I wanted. 

She did insist that I enjoy a 50% discount on a purchase and I chose this necklace.


  1. Oh yikes! Old Sac is always an adventure.

  2. Oh, what a nerve-wracking moment! I remember a time when my children were dropped back home by their dad and left alone at the door. I was in the bathroom and it was a minute or two before I heard their knocks on the locked door. Talk about frightened! My son was in tears!
    Glad you survived this moment and ended up with a wonderful bonus!
    Please visit me at

    1. My brother got dropped off and locked out at a family friends house where we were at one time. My parents had left town and I think I had been too sick to attend school but not ill enough to be totally stuck in the house.

      The adult & I went out to run an errand and got home later than planned or something. He was about 8 and in tears feeling lost & or forgotten.

      Ah the memories. Thanks for sharing yours.

  3. Yeah, I can see where that would be nerve wracking! Thank goodness the shop owner hadn't taken ill and closed up for the day or something. And, you got a good story and a cool souvenir out of the deal, so at least it wasn't for nothing. ;-)

    1. It was an exciting day! I did not want to have to explain to my best friend how I lost her kids if things went really wrong. It was worse when my daughter started to cry.

      I should have gotten a picture of the shirts I bought for my aunt. Oh well the jewelry is a good fun reminder.

  4. Ahahaha. I am so sorry this happened to you but, I cannot stop laughing at the fact that it did happen. I guess it's true, when you got to go you got to go. Thank you for this laugh and for the lovely conversation yesterday in Blogger's Network. I hope you have a wonderful weekend free of unintentional lock-in's that is. :-)

    1. It is quite alright to laugh about it now. I am glad people are getting a kick out of it. We went to the fair recently and a pregnant gal was manning a little shop alone.

      When we entered she said "Please excuse me." as she sat down.

      "My boss is coming to relieve me but until she gets here between being on my feet and the baby on my bladder it just helps to sit."

      I told her not to worry or feel bad. I love human interaction. It can be so unpredictable!