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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I See Something


Coming of age in the 80’s I began to listen to the radio, watch a little MTV and fell in love with entertainers. I have now watched them rise , fall, evolve, grow and change.

Some's fame has turned to...

It has been a long time since I have found anyone to look up to. There is no one I want my life to be like. There are a few people who’s lives I could think about taking over but only so I could run them my way.

Who do you look up to? There is an idea out there, if you will, that people do not influence as much as they inspire, incite or ignite us.

That is to say we do not do things because we see them done. We do them because something about what we see resonates with something already inside of us. I find this to be largely true at least in my life. Inner strength is what captures and resonates.

I remember growing up it was thought the wrong friends, idols or associations would take me down a wrong path. Now I am not down playing the truths about association or being in the wrong place at just the time that something horrible goes down.
Still I am not one to be easily influenced. I have my own mind. It is bold and inquisitive. I always do pretty much exactly what I want to do. I have no problem saying what I think needs to be said.

Maybe there are not many others like me but we humans are certainly not all alike. Every time I hear what the masses are doing I can only shake my head and happily realize my uniqueness remains.

Facebook bought Instagram. I could care less. I tolerate Facebook and only have a Flickr account due to my Ravelry. We live in a digital age but I am almost old enough to remember the telegram.

I have never played Angry Birds, bought anything Apple or off Ebay. 

I have been and of course will always be in some ways naïve. The world is too vast for any of us to ever really know all of it. Never the less I am not gullible and cannot be easily manipulated.

Yesterday morning’s daughter spat is a perfect example. She started ranting and raving. I shut it down. She stormed off. 

Time passed and she did, without help from me, exactly what she was complaining she could not do without my help.

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