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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Is Reality Really So Harsh

I guess I can answer my own question with a yes. Reality is a harsh place. It explains so much. 

My bold confrontational side is sticking out again. One would think having vision and insight would be comforting. It keeps away so much madness in terms of stinking thinking.

Yet when so many others are mired in so much negative self talk and just plain ignorance there is often a failure to communicate.

I had to remind myself that counselors spend time, a lot of time with their patients. In the safety of those relationship people come to terms with reality.

Somewhere there is a balance. What can I do to help people feel more at ease when I say things that they are not in a place to or ready to hear?

Perhaps nothing. The internet is such a public place. You talk to one person anyone else can listen in. It triggers their issues and bam off to the races.

Reminds me of some other people I know who just do not know how to take me. It appears hard for them to imagine someone so counter to their personality types and comfort zones.

The sad thing is they are, quote unquote professionals who I would just like to expect so much more from. 

I have had some interestingly disturbing conversations online in the past few days over a range of subjects in different places on the web with various people.

Off line I was telling one of my professors that some of us simply embrace the harsh realities of life. 

A mentor of mine said to me: I see in you a deep desire to seek out truth.

All I can say is amen to that. It reminds me that those on such quest are bound to be misunderstood. People like their ignorance is bliss comfort zones. 


  1. Amen to that! You see the world through the lens of your experience, and you should have the right to express your understanding of it. My feeling is that when people get all bent out of shape, they're really feeling insecure with their own way of thinking and don't want to be challenged.

    1. Thank you. It can be rough to take when sanity bumps up against the same old same old mentality. sigh