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Monday, April 2, 2012

Bears Ate Our Tortillas

One summer some people we knew decided to do a group camping trip. They selected Sugar Pine @ Tahoe. I was not even sure my poor little vehicle could make the trip.

It turned out to be a very last minute planned outing. The day of the event it was decided my daughter’s best friend would be joining us. We owned sleeping bags but not much else that we needed.
Like an air mattress for me. Off we went to the thrift store. We took a chance on one we found that appeared to be completely intact and only lacking a plug. I brought it home, blew it up with an auto pump and stuck in a cork we had handy in it.

Then for good measure I let the girls roll on it and manipulate it. No holes, no leaking, score! 

I headed to Target and we bought a small cooler. I had no idea how to pack it but we bought the needed food. The menu was set so we could all have the same meals each night.

The friend donated for the duration of our adventure a large family tent from her household. That was bigger than what we technically needed but the extra space was nice. 

I will have to post about the girls mini excursion…
The groups' extreme experience came one night when everyone was sitting close to our tents around a fire enjoying s'mores.

We had been warned to keep our food in lockers due to bears. My assumption was that bears might come while we were asleep or alone and quiet if at all... 

Our backs were to the open locker near a picnic table scattered with our sweets and snacks. Chocolate, red vines, graham crackers, cookies, marshmallows you name it.

Suddenly off to the side of us, out from the brush and a line of trees wandered a mamma bear with cub(s). This was interesting. A few of us noticed and began to alert the others. Surely they would just keep passing through.

Oh No! They headed for the open food locker and grabbed some stuff before we began to holler and make like we might rush them.
Off mamma lumbered with her loot and at least one cub scampered up a tree. 

Oh my goodness! Each set of tents had it's own locker but of course since everyone was sitting near our tents it was our locker that was open and got raided.

The quick grab had been for my coffee grounds, probably because they were fragrant. Near them must have been our tortillas left over from fajitas the first night.

The next morning a few of the guys from the group went out walking and found the remnants of the stolen food.

The coffee bag only had a bite mark in it. Must have been too bitter. The tortillas were a little more yummy apparently since more chunks were missing out of them.


  1. I would have been scared to death! I have never been camping where there were bears... I have only camped at the beach. Glad no one was hurt.

  2. This was only my second time camping ever. The idea of seeing bears was so far from my mind. The shock was their brazenness. Then to learn that the saliva the bear drooled in our food locker was contaminatory. The things you learn...

  3. So will there be a third camping experience in your future?

    1. I was planning to go on one with summer but it got scrapped. Sure I am willing to go again. Have air mattress will travel. LOL It will probably have to wait until next summer now however.

  4. WoW what an adventure ! Glad you are all OK, yeah no other choice of course than opening the food locker when you are eating. I only have been camping once so far and no bears there.

    1. Definitely something we will never forget! That is for sure. lol