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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project X

Has anyone seen this movie? I do not want to spoil it for you. At the same time anyone who is interested is probably not in it for some big surprise.

I think I can give you the high and low lights and still leave as much mystery as the trailers. 

As a movie I will give this a thumbs up or at least the so so thumb. 

As an over all plot it kinda left me feeling sad when it was over. If you see the movie and still want to talk about it or just don’t care we can discuss why in comments or something.

I went with my daughter and we did the drive ins a week or so ago. This means we saw it with another movie. 

Total teen night we saw it with the new 21 Jump Street. That movie was equally ridiculous and yet actually has redeeming qualities. Still trying to figure out how they took the old show and made this movie out of it…

I digress…

Project X has much of a classic premise. You have the unaccomplished, virginal, single, teen boy. You have the evil suck up best friend who pretends to be squeaky clean. Paging Eddie Haskell...

You have the parents going away for a weekend event. The teenagers are just going to throw a little party. No no not even that. They are just going to have a few friends over…

Except word gets out. Mr Squeaky Clean might have posted it on Facebook Craigs List and some other random very social, very public space. 

This would account for the adults at the party. I thought they were just there by random personal invite or maybe lost neighbors.

There is the gratuitous female nudity. There might be a streaking guy somewhere. So much goes on in this movie the details are fuzzy for me and I was not drinking while watching it.

Maybe it is because I am not the drinking type that the whole thing kind of loses steam after everyone is wasted and things start to get out of control. By this time however you want to see how it ends and if you did not you will!

Maybe this is a coming of age movie… back to that whole thumbs down. I guess they wanted to take the next leap after Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Risky Business.

I hope the security dweebs have not been traumatized for life.

It is almost the weekend. If you have not seen this movie and you have some free time and brain cells. Go for it. 

Maybe we are meeting new Hollywood heart throbs that will take us through the next few decades.

I will not be watching any of the American Pie or Hang Over movies so this was my guilty pleasure.