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Friday, April 20, 2012

Current Stats

Numbers do not lie. At the same time you can get statistics to say anything. 

All you have to do to prove that theory is read Freakanomics. 

Things are happening. How you view them will depend on your world view. 
Things are definitely not always as they appear. Many things are completely counter intuitive. If not parenting and adult life would be a breeze. 

We would always know exactly what to do and whatever we were doing would work out how we need and want.

Instead the stats tell us life is in a mess. Families and people are struggling. Our blogs reflect where we are along the journey.

I was doing good with the AtoZ alphabet daily challenge until this past Wednesday. 

I woke up thinking about the wrong letter first of all. Then I had a new morning event to get to. When that was over I ran some errands. 

Arriving at home I felt like I needed to catch up in social media and around the house.

Thursdays are busy in the morning and so are Fridays. Thank goodness for back dating.

At this point along the challenge I have noticed a few things via the stats tab.
One is my page views are about double my following on average.

Another is posts with low attraction garner the most response. 

I think mid-morning is when viewership is higher but I am not sure I can quantify that thought.

The AtoZ challenge has sent more traffic my way than the other contests I have participated in.

Here are some reason search terms:

Speed Dating
Lizard Lick Towing

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