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Monday, April 9, 2012


I think it is 
a dirty word this, housekeeping.
At least it disinterests me. As a child my parents insistence on compulsory cleaning mystified me. 

I figured I would understand when I was old like them. It has taken me all this time to try and wrap my head around how wrong that idea is.

After I moved away from home if my mother came to visit she would find something to deep clean in my apartment. 

I almost wanted to feel offended. Now I can say she likes to do that kind of thing regularly. I have to be in a mood or be looking for something.

I miss Mom's hands on TLC.
The task of parenting is to try and help my daughter find her housekeeping identity.

The floor of my bedroom is barely visible. There used to be a path at least but last month the t.v. downstairs died. I moved up stairs and spread out. 
Downstairs there are piles of paper. The only things I do regularly are laundry, sweeping the kitchen and hand washing the dishes. 

I run the vacuum maybe once or twice a month. 

I. do. not. dust.
It does not bother me to look at clutter. I can ignore it. It does not cloud my thinking or make me antsy. 

These are gifts and super powers if you ask me.
Some people feel a sense of joy when their house is in tip top shape. I feel over joyed when I speak to a crowd. 
I am not lazy. I am not crazy.  I just need a housekeeper and a personal assistant.  

I am all for eating the frog  or doing the hard things when it comes to personal growth and development or business. 

House work on the other hand is never done.

Why don't more people simply play to their strengths and hire or barter around their weaknesses instead of beating themselves up about the way we are hard wired? 


  1. I thought when I moved and was home with my kids all the time that my housekeeping skills would improve. Not so much. Because we are home ALL THE TIME and there's more opportunity for it to get all messed up!

    1. hahahaha I hear that one. Also you said kids. I only have one and housekeeping never ends. The more people and or pets the more work there is to do. Especially when the kids are really too young to help.

  2. Visiting from A/Z. Housekeeping is one of those things that you are never done with. You think you accomplish it and then it has to be done again and again to have things look nice. I used to clean weekly but then moved into a situation I didn't want to be at (long story but moved in to a house hubby's parents owned he would eventually inherit on their passing); the house was a mess and I didn't feel it was mine so I haven't cleaned but twice in the year or so we've been here. I'm hoping perhaps hubby will take the lead and perhaps clean.....but I don't see that happening :)

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge!


    1. Welcome Betty,

      I hope you are enjoying the challenge as well. I am a bit stuck on I for today but determined to press through.

      Sorry you are on strike but I can understand that too. I might be more motivated in your case. We are all so different. lol

  3. It's official ... you are my sister from another mother roflmao!

    1. Hahahaha sounds great! I knew I had kindred souls out there.