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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Surprise Drop Biscuits

A conversation I was having else where on the web had me searching for a biscuit recipe. 

I have them but I wanted one that used yeast.
Turns out they mostly seem to used solid fat which I have all but given up.

I will have to experiment and see if butter will work.

Meanwhile I came upon another recipe that I also want to tweak.
I do not use Mayo, although the daughter I think likes it. We have Miracle Whip in the house currently due to her.

I have made chocolate cake with mayo before.

Biscuits with Miracle Whip should not be so weird.

4 Tablespoons Mayo
2 Cups whole milk
2 Cups self rising flour (soft wheat)

Combine all

Use folk to toss until moist. 

Drop by spoon onto greased cookie sheet

Bake 7-9 minutes at 450°F

Makes 24 small biscuits

These can be patted out and cut instead of dropped.

I think I like that idea better since I want them to look nice.

It will be great if I can get yummy biscuits with wheat flour. I am excited.

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