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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nuts in Fudge

This morning I am making fudge. 

I like chocolate but I love it with nuts. 

Pecans in fudge to be exact.

There are only a few nuts I do not like. Macadamia and Brazil I think are the only ones.

My mothers favorites were pecans growing up. She would buy them in the shell and we would sit watching old tv shows like

The Lone Ranger
Gun Smoke
The Ponderosa
Star Trek 

while cracking and eating them.

After I gave birth to my daughter I think I ate my weight in cashews. I do not know what the craving was all about but I had to keep them stocked. At that time it was the roasted salted ones from Planters.
Years later I wandered into an Asian store and discovered them raw. What a treat. They are softer and a little chewy all pale and unsalted raw. Now I can pick them up at Trader Joes.

A new addition to my loves is pistachios. For a while those were the go to healthy yummy snack. 

I know sadly some people have food allergies and nuts can be a huge trigger. This is sad especially when it can be the oils not even the nut meat that affects them and it means cross contamination when cooking and preparing is a very serious thing to avoid.
The most unusual of the nuts might be coconut. What other nut has it’s own not just moisture but full on cup of juice? My mother being from a tropical island I grew up eating them too. 

One afternoon before mom left town my adopted aunt was visiting with us while I was cracking open a coconut and extracting the juice. She was fascinated saying she had never seen that before in her life.

Yikes! It is amazing what we do not know when we do not know. 

I still do not exactly understand what commercial coconut milk is. 

If anyone has used it and then cracked open a coconut to enjoy the juice you will see the two are very different!

To crack a coconut I place the orb in two plastic grocery bags. Then my daughter or I will toss it down onto concrete usually. The purpose is to truly shatter the shell.

The larger the broken pieces the harder it can be to detach the inner meat. The curves will increase the suction holding the two parts together.

Fudge is simple but if you have never tried it:

Warm 3 cups of chocolate chips to melt them.

Add 1 can of sweetened condensed milk

Stir well and spread out on a cookie sheet to cool in the refrigerator 1-2 hours minimum.

That is a base or very basic recipe. 
I might add up to a half a cup of flour or whole wheat flour to thicken the mixture and final product. 

Today I used a recipe that called for 2 tablespoons of butter. 

A friend of mine adds crushed graham crackers.

I really like adding dark chocolate and or coffee flavoring and of course NUTS!


  1. i have two coconuts and had no dea how to open them!!!! thanks! the fudge recipe seems super easy....

    1. lol How did you wind up with a collection of coconuts? A few more words of wisdom and caution:

      To get the liquid out find a way to chip open just the holes on top. One is an air hole, one will drain and one will not open I think it how it works.

      After it is empty bash it in the bags. Any nut meat that does not pop off the shell can be dislodged with a butter knife.

      You can eat the brown skin. It is like an apple skin but a bit harsher. Together with a bite of the other flesh it adds a texture and flavor but nothing too serious.

      Once you are done refrigerate the left over pulp or nut meat. It will mold very quickly if left out.

      If it smells or looks moldy when you open it do not ingest the meat or the juices it has gone bad. This happens every once in a while.