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Saturday, April 21, 2012

10 Things About Me


... a total Extrovert

... Catnaps taker like I am feline

... a Night Owl. I do not like to get up and out early

...a Coffee w/ cream sugar and chocolate drinker

... a lover of Sweet Iced Tea. Hot tea with sugar and cream when not herbal.

... a Cat person who likes dogs

... a Homeschooling Mamma 

...not internationally travel ready. No Passport but I have been out of the country twice. Hola Caribbean

...hoping to touch and change the world

...interested in doing New Years Eve at time square at least once before I kick the bucket.


  1. Great facts in some ways were very close in other very far apart lol.
    Love that you hope to touch and change the world !! Make it happen!!
    I started following you

    1. Thanks & Welcome Jim. Don't you love how our similarities and differences frame our connections? We are already touching the world by being active in it. Still yes there is always more to achieve! Blessings.