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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

VBlog To Go Viral

If I have a public fear it is videos and pictures. Ask me to speak to a live audience on the fly I am there front and center with bells on. 

Seek to take my picture and you will find me hiding or end up talking to the hand. So yes indeed perhaps I have issues.

Never the less, no one really needs 200+ pictures on Facebook and a profile icon change per week.

Where is the balance? 

Before we can find it our images can be blasted all over the globe. This is what we call going viral. 
When something you post or worse something you do in the normal scope of your life becomes whatever oodles of people are eager to talk about, Google and share.

For those who seek fame and those working on trying to amass a fortune through the internet this is usually seen as a godsend. 

Bad deeds also go viral but then it usually seems a person is not thinking about their image or how their actions might be viewed by a larger audience than their pride or wounded ego in the moment.

To capture the positive attention of the world at large it usually takes something cute or funny. Other times it is something kind of sweet that pulls on the heartstrings. 

For the bold among us the newest craze in the blog world is the video blog. Either in place of or in conjunction with the words and pictures we have gotten used to posting. 

I love the idea of video blogging. I am just not confident enough yet. I have a web cam but the couple of videos I have experimented have as usual been too dark. 

For those who really want to step into the world of YouTube fun for embarrassment or enlightenment, savvy users can hook an audio segment of theirs with pictures of themselves, or other things to engage their audience without having to feel totally over exposed.

I need some techy friends to help me get over that hump. For now I am content to be an observer only. 

There is the idea that uploading a personal glimpse into your life and the animations of your face bond and connect you with an audience.
My only caution would be “Video Killed the Radio Star.” If you are going to go live be prepared. Put a flower in your hair, pluck your nose hair etc. It is ok to go bare and show yourself relaxed. 

Just show people that you put some thought into connecting with them face to face. Props are nice, back ground and off camera noises matter. 

Preview and maybe have an honest friend look over a video before you share it with the world.

Do you recognize the three recent images that were all the craze and rage via social media? Let me know...hahahaha


  1. i have yet to try vblogging...there is so much to master if you want to grow your blog!

    1. Well the title might be misleading. I needed it to make sense and wanted it to have direction.

      I do not think vblogging is all about growing a blog. I also know video is not the way to grow all blogs.

      Posts have been going viral since blogs started but as technology moves forward there is just more to see.

  2. I'm not quite interested in being THAT casual. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs in April. My alphabet is at

    1. Wow that is ambitious. I determined to A) keep up & B) visit the blogs with titles or subjects that seemed interesting to me. lol

      So far so good for me. How about you?