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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What About Quality

I refuse to shop at what I call Walfart.

I loved them when they first came to the ends of town. 

There was that one in the south and one in the way north eventually. I had no car so I could only shop at one if friends were driving me.

My visits being so far and few between I called it the $100 store because that is usually what I would spend.

I did not mind when they added a few more stores. When they started popping up everywhere it started to feel unsettling. 

Perhaps instinctively I worried about other smaller or more specialty businesses.

Information on the fringe and online were right there to confirm more than my initial suspicions. 

I read a book called Nickled and Dimed which was more about the plight of poor America in general than Walfart in particular but oh do not say unionize while you work there.

The author of the book did that and the next thing she knew the corporate jet landed and the big wigs were afoot stamping out the worker fire of self-respect and value. That did not sit well with me.

There is also the anti movie.

With all this negative chatter I just could not justify giving my meager dollars to a mega store that was devouring a nation. 

It has been years since I made this decision. We are not worse for wear.

Lower prices took over from the idea of quality and service.

How did this happen America?


  1. My parents live near a small farming town, where this store has managed to become 'the store'. My Mom hates it because she basically has to shop there... its the only place that has some things. She claims to feel trapped, controlled and kind of wishes it would disappear.

    1. I know the face of America retail has changed. Kind of heart breaking. I wish ordinary citizens would do more organizing for their own empowerment.

      I also wish short sighted or money driven people would not get the helm of big organizations with no one to stop them.

      There is hope in our collective power through the internet thankfully.

  2. Walfart? :-) I love your spin on the word. It's not only Wal-mart, there's a shift happening and the small are being eaten by the large.

    Think Amazon, Major Banks and Grocery chains ... at least in my neck of the woods, Los Angeles. I believe we have an abundant world and it's our birthright to have access to this abundance. On one hand the giants are doing good and on the other hand they're not.

    I believe there is a way for the small and large to co-exist. The large needs to weave the small into the fabric of their success, it's possible. As they climb to the top, the can reach down and pull the small. Unfortunately, those in position of power don't see the benefits of such a relationship.

    It's going to change; the law of rhythm says everything has a cycle. The pendulum swings forward and it will swing back.

    1. I like your perspective on it all. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am not anti commerce and capitalism but I do like to have the balance.

      There is a post days back about Move Your Money (away from big banks) Day. I did not move my money because I had never put it in a big bank.

      I am encouraged that there are still many wise and thinking people in the nation. It is our hope.

  3. Like it! Most of what Walmart sells was made elsewhere, which drains the American economy. And I also read the Ehrenreich book, which didn't go far enough! Good post!!

    1. I do not know how I stumbled up that book but yes it was fascinating! My city has dozens of these stores. Someone shared a stat sometime ago with me about how many Walmart workers are on public assistance or eligible for state medical aid. People always say "oh they provide so many jobs". Back to that issue of quality...sigh

  4. i cant get away from that store. 1. i get dragged there every other day by my husband. 2. i cant stand the people that work there. 3. there are like 2 per town. plus their selections suck. yes they are cheaper then target but everything is always gone. pisses me off.

    1. OUCH yikes I would just sit in the car if I had to visit daily.