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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Journaling the Journey

If you begin to read and investigate great thinkers and previously lauded individuals one of the things you will learn about them is that they kept diaries or journals.

As I committed myself to keeping a running notebook filled with my thoughts based on the goings on in my life suddenly mixed into that came new inspiration.

Writing produces a level of insight and clarity most of us do not find just thinking alone.

Even when we are deep thinkers and give ourselves over to a bit of solitude for that very purpose. 

The most wonderful surprise 
has been, there is more.

Random thoughts and ideas sprang up. Healing nurturing words came out. Wise insightful wisdom was produced.

Writing seems to have a different deeper voice on the issues of life that I have contemplated.  

Maybe this is just the budding author in me but I think not, since counselors and therapists will suggest their clients write things down.

So if writing is good for your emotional brain how to start and when to find time? 

1) Go to the store. 

A craft store, an office store, school supplies whatever. 

2) Look at diaries, journals, notebooks and loose leaf paper.

Now I am not suggesting writing has to take place by hand. If you have gone totally ecofriendly by all means open a document and clutter up some pages with thoughts via your fingertips.

I just find that most who would say they keep a personal journal mean that in a tactile literal way. 

There is something intimate about it. Some people get very artful ones and keep them by the bed.

This is handy if you are an artist of any kind or a dreamer. Some thoughts and ideas come in the middle of the night and vanish when your feet hit the floor the next time.

Find a time that works for you. If I can wake up to myself with plenty of time on my hands I can do mornings.

When mornings for me are busier I can snag odd moments throughout the day or carve out a space later in the evening.

I gave myself one rule for journaling.

No excess negativity   
I wanted it to be a place of positive energy. It does not mean I cannot be honest. 

It does not mean I cannot write about something negative that is going on.

It means I do not give myself permission to dwell, sulk, pout or get bitter. 

I assess, analyze, grieve as needed, decide on plans of action and get back to focusing on the joy that can be found in life.

Another surprising thing that came out of me was music. It is like some days or situations have a sound track. 

I weave song titles or lyrics into what I am writing when it seems appropriate.


  1. I kept journals for years and they were wonderful therapy for me. Now, in writing my daily devotions, I find such peace and fulfillment.
    Great post!

    1. It is a great way to slow things down in this fast paced world that we find ourselves in. Glad you can relate.