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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sensible Summer Sandals

"Beauty is pain" an old co worker of mine, who was a boy diva, used to say.

What he said made sense but I for one have always liked to buck ridiculous trends.

I ran to catch a bus in new high heels once. That was enough. I could not wear those shoes the rest of the day. 

It is just not that cute when a woman has to carry her shoes because they are cute but they hurt her feet. Also who wants to be unstable or worse damaging their feet for a few fleeting hours of looking pretty?

Sarah Jessica Parker of SITC fame says years of wearing crazy high heels caused her foot to grow extra bone.

I should think the rest of us would want to avoid that at all costs.

This does not mean we must resign ourselves to a life time of flats, flip flops and sneakers.

There are many fashions and heel types plus heights in between flat and too high with a point.

I love a wedge heel or other more forgiving and stable shapes.

There is also nothing wrong with color choices when it comes to foot wear.

Summer is a time to get those pedicures and show off the toes.

Scrub the heels and give the feet a nice soak in your down time.

Wear something that can last all day.

Search and buy the size of shoe or sandal you need. Maybe you need a long or a wide shoe. It is okay to be honest about that.

If the soles of foot wear are just unbearable maybe some comfy inserts are the answer.

For some shoes that are a might too tight you can try this old trick my grandmother used to use on her church shoes:

Wet and crumple a sheet or so of news paper
Stuff it in the toe of the shoe 
Allow to dry
It will expand as it does
This can loosen the fit of the shoe

Now do not ask me if this only works on expensive shoes, leather or whatever. 

We never got that far into discussions grandmother and I. She had her old ways and I just liked to hang around her.


  1. I love shoes. I have hundreds of pairs. I love about a 2 or 2 1/2 inch heel. And even though I love heels, they have to feel comfortable to me.



    Visiting from UBC

    1. I have never been shoe crazy but still I have dozens and wear almost all of them. It is just fun to do. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love wearing high heels. I wear then often, when I am going out. and the ones I wear is really high. even though it hurts I keep wearing it, because I wouldnt want to look stupid walking with it in my hands. but I will try to change it to flat shoes.
    feel free to check out my blog

    1. Find a balance. None of my shoes hurt but I love to look cute in a nice sandal or heel. You will be surprised as you shop. Go later in the day because feet swell up after you have been walking on them. You want to get a shoe that fits the bigger size of shoe to help keep things comfy.

  3. I'll wear the highest ones I can get away with!

    1. I have a friend who is like 5ft8 with her shoes off. She loves them high heels too. I will stay closer to the ground and bow to you divas. lol