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Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun in Summers Past

Some of the best memories we have as a homeschooling family are of the park days we enjoyed. 

With no school to keep us in doors families gather at the park the way you might for a large picnic regularly. 

We just let the kids play all day or at least for an extended block of hours.

We could do this weekly if not more often with the same of different groups of kids and parents.

Gatherings took place as long as it was not too cold or raining. We went all over town. 

Some parks have water sprinklers for sweltering days, some have ramps and other furniture for skate boarders and others on wheels, some are located with creeks running through them.

These and other adventures we have enjoyed through the years in decent weather. It has been a non-conformist easy going life.
Here is a bit of a snap shot look back on where we have been and what summer of fun means to us:

I have been to the beaches in the Bahamas. I am not big on sand. I cannot swim and I do not need to work on my tan.

Sandcastles yeah we did those.

I grew up eating cracked crab with a mother from the islands. I now eat no shellfish

Fireworks we like them. The first time I took my daughter at about two years old they freaked her out. Now she cannot wait to buy some.

If all goes well there is a camping trip with strangers late next month

We try to get to the State Fair each year especially when there is a concert we want to see.

My daughter is the picture taking queen. 

I danced in the rain with a friend as a teen.

We are girls we did a ton of arts and crafts
We like the Folsom zoo

We took a road trip when my daughter was too young to remember. 

We flew to Arizona one year for a mini vacation and my daughter went with my brother to Georgia a few summers ago

She just got blonde and red streaks in her hair and has been experimenting with bleach and dye
I am getting a few random greys so my turn approacheth.

I prefer roller coasters to Ferris wheels

We love thrift shopping sprees

Ice cream is a summer must! Homemade non vanilla is best!

I jumped off a train trestle as a youth. (I still cannot swim)

We like indoor rock climbing

We bowl which required me to build muscles in my hand and arm. We own two or three bowling balls.

Sacramento is full of farmers markets and fruit stands.

We learned to make jam one year.

I  want us to get bikes to ride around town and one for exercising in the house.

I need to build a fly trap for my back yard

We try new things in the kitchen

We knit and crochet fun things to wear and show off

I am working on a manifesto and a requested play…

Whatever we do we do with cash. I have no credit cards

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  1. Lol! I don't like smores either! Anyway - I've just given you the Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award.

    1. SQUEEE!!! Why thank you. I hope you are planning a rocking fun summer.