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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Publish Something Tip #13

One of the reasons some writers do not think of themselves as writers or authors is because they have yet to publish. 
Jeff seeks to curb this and other myth with tip number thirteen.

I am very close on this one. I have three blogs but since they are all up and running they do not count.

I did submit a post to a well established blog that was accepted but there have been some site issues since then and posts have not been coming out as scheduled.

The other thing I have going for me in this direction is something I planned as the year began. I struggle to understand the format needed for writing something and calling it a book or an ebook for that matter.

I know that may sound silly and I am not even sure I am describing what my problem is properly. Let me say this, I never thought I had a book in me or how I would know until I ran across NaNoWriMo. It is a November writing challenge. 

The goal is to write 50,000 words during the month. This should be in the form of a book or a novel. When the month ends edit and publish. Presto authorship.

I needed a word goal. That helped me frame out how much information was needed for a base. I know there are books of all sizes thick and thin. I also understand that since I am the author there is a level of autonomony to my writing that will alert to when a work is complete unto itself.

Maybe there are so many variables I just needed something to grasp onto.

With the word goal then came along another nugget. I was following a local publisher on Twitter. She shared a blog post with this heading

Looking that over got into another aspect of writing that I know is very common. Outlining, planning even. I understand it but it cramps my writing flow. 
I need to write first edit and rearrange second. I can write a killer out line and amazing pieces on the same topic and have them look nothing like each other.
When I am doing school assignments I have to write them ahead of time and then pull out the lines for the outline and submit it backwards when the professor calls for progressive pieces to be turned in.

I purchased a web address this year. I secured hosting which came with capabilities.

Long before I had a blog I had a web presence and created an online community that I communicated with regularly.

The content of my messages to them I think will make a nice…something to publish to Kindles through Amazon. So I secured an account for that as well.
I just need to formulate edit and publish it.

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