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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Simple Money Saving Ideas

One of my Twitter contacts shared her frugal tips recently. It sounded so much like my life I decided to share with you all my dear readers.

How many of these tips can you use or relate to? Let me know. Thanks!

    1) Go for a less fuss and muss hair style to avoid going to the salon 

    2) Pay your bills early or on time to avoid late fees
 3) Buy, create, and plan gifts ahead of time to avoid a rushed expensive last minute expense

    4) Impose a waiting period for major purchases. Use the time to research other deals
    5) Use cash or the envelope system instead of atm debit

    6) Plan a staycation or something closer to home

    7) Hang clothes to dry save on dryer electricity

    8) Borrow or trade for tools, goods and services

    9) Do your own manicure and or pedicure treatments

    10) Repair or sell those unused items collecting dust around your home
   11) Eat at home. Make a pizza, churn some ice cream, grill burgers and fry or bake fries etc.

    12) Add some fun summer accessories instead of a whole new wardrobe for the season 
    13) Reassess banking fees. Look into a credit union or no fee plans

    14) Utilize the public library and avoid fines by returning items promptly….hahaha

    15) Pre cook meals so hunger does not drive you to buy fast food at the last minute

    16) Think outside the box. You might do breakfast for dinner. I am more likely to do dinner left overs for breakfast

    17) Make frugal friends who will spur you on and encourage you

    18) Pack your own snacks and lunches when planning to be away from home during meal times

    19) Take your morning beverage with you instead of stopping to pick up coffee and a pastry 

    20) You do not need the newest gadget

    21) Run multiple errands when you have to go out

      22) Drink more water less sodas and prepared drinks. Make tea or lemonade at home.

    23) Re sew on buttons, darn seams that come undone, treat stains to keep clothes longer

    24) Say no to friends booking at home parties

    25) Cancel something you are paying for that you do not use. Insurance, membership etc.

    26) Stop food waste. Use scraps and leftovers. Change purchases to reflect what gets eaten.

    27) See movies at the discount theater after 1st run

.   28) Give up cable for Netflix or Hulu

    29) Go see and do around town for free. 

    30) Use rags instead of paper towels, cloth instead of napkins

    31) Search out coupons for food and other things you buy. 
    Print from manufacturer websites

    32) Let your next dinner party be a potluck. 

    33) Refurbish older furniture or other household items

    34) Automate bills, save on stamps

    35) Use cloth diapers for babies, cloth pads or reusable cups for women 

    36) Pay full price retail only as a last resort

    37) Bake something like banana bread. Makes a great take along snack.

    38) Foster pets instead of purchasing an expensive one. Food and supplies are often included

    39) Follow great frugal savings blogs if you can find them

    40) Do your own yard work, housework, shopping, minor repairs etc.

    41) Make a budget and stick to it. Learn to say no to yourself and others like friends and children  

    42) Shop thrift!

    43) Bulk is only a bargain when you need the items and the price is right

    44) Adjust your water heater, curtail those 30 min showers

    45) Buy generic hair care and cosmetics see how they fair against your favorite pricey options

    46) Let people help you and gift you things. No guilt. No shame. Pay it forward

    47) Pair down your expensive entertainment activities and hobbies

    48) If your kids are bored put them to work or let them figure out what to do.

    49) Planning a wedding, birthday, barmitzva etc.? It is not to upstage the last one you attended

    50) Contact your bill collectors cable, phones, internet, gym membership etc. renegotiate rates


  1. I do most of those things. Some out of necessity, some because that's how I prefer to do them. I have gotten lax lately though. Thanks for the reminder! :)

    1. I hear ya. I forget some people never think about these simple things. It can be empowering to crunch the numbers & see results.

  2. Great list of things we can do and save ourselves money. I love reading lists like this as it helps remind me of ways to save money and be more frugal.