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Friday, June 29, 2012

Hone Your Craft

I am going to disagree with Jeff here today. Only because I have learned things about myself: I am a messy creative and it does not hinder my creativity. 

There are times sure when it might hinder my productivity but who has not misplaced something in the last three days? 

Life happens. Even to the most well intended and organized. 
I have read a lot and known a few people who can be negatively physically, emotionally or mentally affected by what they see.
If their area is a mess it bothers them. This is not just for the OCD among us. 

I understand the visual mind body connections.

I just also know that they do not all work in the negative. I like stuff around me. 

Everything has a place and everything is in its place. That is where I last left it. 
More importantly it is handy to me where I am. I want function over appearance.

So I will not be delaying this post to organize my room. It does not matter to you whether or not I can see my floor. I should take a picture. There is an upended chair in the middle of the room. A failed move. 

Somehow I misplaced one of the feet getting it from the 1st bedroom here to the second a few months ago. 

Thinking it would turn up, the foot that is, the chair stayed in a waiting position. 

Now it is a cat rest.

If what you see affects how you work by all means go clean your area or remove yourself to a more productive spot. 

You have to do what works for you. You should be old enough to understand these things about yourself.

For me I can be myself anywhere I land. 

I have learned to edit my own writing as I have committed myself to blogging. It does not happen when I journal. 

I do not recall it happening when I was posting to my private online communities. 

There I did not feel spotlighted. I felt like one of many free to express myself. Now with the blog I know I am on display. I am reaching people who do not know me.

It carries a different weight. I have also learned that sometimes the writing speaks for itself. I might start a piece with one idea in mind but what I write morphs into something else. 

I have learned to go with the flow. 

I edit the title and post.

Once a post is written I do a word count. When it is over about 500 words I usually find myself taking bits and pieces out. I like to add in lots of texture and context.

This can be good. It can also weigh a piece down. Somehow I see this for my written work but not for the things I leave laying around.

Interesting no? Maybe because they are all around me but they are not attached to me.

If you have written something and are nervous about sharing it, could you trim it and release it? 

Can you clear some space right now and bust out a post?
Maybe decluttering is not about clearing the place where you are or places you have been.

Maybe it is about clearing a path to where you are going.


  1. Yikes! Lol! As a neat freak I was cringing though this post... But, as a creative being I applaud it! Being creative means you can be whoever you want to be and create your work space, home and haven however you wish! As long as it enhances the art you put out in the world, who cares about an upended chair? Be you and do you! Keep creating! :-)

    1. I try to give a lot of time to things we can all agree upon when it comes to the blog but once in a while I speak to a more specific audience. Life is what you make it some of us will just never be super organized.