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Friday, June 8, 2012

Testing Alternate Browsers

For the last few days and or weeks I have been engaged in what can only be called an uncomfortable experiment. It is the kind of thing you should only be forced into for research purposes. I was trying to find an alternate web browser.

The sad thing is I was in a pickle needing one all of a sudden.

During my trial I downloaded four of them. I am still not sure I am over the trauma of it all.

My first try out was Opera. Then I got Avant which I liked until I loaded G+ and saw

“this browser is no longer supported here”. 

Next I got SlimBrowser then LunaScape. It has been interesting, let me share.

My biggest problem had been trouble using G+. Suddenly a glitch that made the text box for replying hard to settle into had the box  GROWING every time I tried to use it.

I was all but beside myself. It is not that I have never used other browsers or even that I did not have a couple of alternates installed. 

Neither of my alternates appealed to me neither were they optimally updates. My blogger stats reveal the myriad of browsers my viewers utilize:

Internet Explorer
Mobile Safari

I had no idea there were dozens if not hundreds more out there. I wanted to try Safari but I do not know if I avoided it because of it’s Mac focus or it I had just been distracted.

SlimBrowser did not seem so slim in terms of operation. The interface seemed a bit light but many features just did not function well as I tried to use them. There was also a flickering display problem that popped up.

One afternoon I had it running with LunaScape. SlimBrowser was not loading pages or authorizing web sites. In frustration I just hit close on it, never to open it again.

Now Avant is connected to my TweetDeck and no browser is set to default. All of them seem to pick at random where to send downloads.

Trying to post the most recent blog was as tricky as trying to build and test web pages. All the features I have learned to use and take for granted where called into question for formatting. I could not move pictures or text as I desired to get the right look.

Two of the browsers were slower than molasses in January when it came to uploading pictures I wanted to use.

It was impossible to pick a favorite "backup". I want to combine them all then pick and choose options. I was almost sold on LunaScape but it disables Facebook IM chat. I do not think any worked with the Yahoo tool bar that I enjoy.

It has been an adventure I share with you my dear readers. If you need an alternate browser I give you these strange offerings. Your Mileage May Vary as the saying goes.


  1. Replies
    1. I did not say it was. Blogger lists it as a platform of some kind. All I did was copy paste the list it gave me.

  2. I think I'll stick with Internet Explorer. I know that's oh-so-last-decade, but I'll admit, I'm a fogey!

    1. Everyone has to do what works. I like having options if nothing else. I am just glad my FF issues seem to be resolved!

  3. Given that you never know when you'll run into a browser related conflict, one should always have one or two backups if not more. I have IE (unavoidable if one has Windows I believe), Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Chrome is my default. Good websites browse their sites using all the popular options before releasing new style sheets or static web pages to ensure they aren't getting odd or unusable results on some.

    1. I have not used IE since...04 if not that. I did not want Chrome. recently someone said the same to us bloggers that we should use multiple browsers to view our blog posts and see how they display. Eke geek traits being worked I did not know I had. UGH lol sigh