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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Healthy Real Nails for Summer

I started off as a nail biter. I was not a nervous kid. No telling where this habit came from.

Eventually as I crested from childhood into my pre teenage years I got more interested in personal fashion.

I tried many times to stop the habit so I could have fun pretty painted nails. My will power needed a kick.

This is the trick that worked for me:
I decided to give up biting one nail at a time. Maybe for a day or a week. Then the next nail. 

This took time but not as much will power and going completely cold turkey.
When all ten were off limits the wait for longer nails began. I would from then on only allow myself to nibble on a nail if it would chip or a break.

A nasty habit gone. Next I realized there are other hazards to beautiful long nails. Dishwashing became the new enemy. 

I plagued my parents to get me gloves. I still use them.

All these years later and I still do not have the nails of my dreams. Half of my problem might be that I under eat. 

I have tried a few vitamin supplements but only one worked one time. It took so long by the time I saw the effects I had used up the bottle and forgotten what it was.

While I was selling Avon I tried their strengthener polish. That was helpful but only to a point. 

I was convinced there might be no hope. With the popularity of artificial nails and extensions I know I am not alone.

Finally a few weeks ago I was looking up tips and tricks to be helpful. A new idea was presented:

Rubbing oil onto the nails regularly.

I use a plain olive oil from my kitchen. 

When I take off polish before reapplying I use my fingers or a Q Tip to massage in just a tad on each one.

SUCCESS. I am impressed. 

These days my nails are usually not just soft but they had also started chipping and splitting on the surface. 

The oil has not smoothed out the surface but it has added durability to the nails and strength.

So much so my pinky nails are doubled in length and beginning to curl in. Next in length would be ring fingers, thumbs, middle fingers and first fingers.

I have become so accustomed to the nibs and nubs of my finger tips showing. Now my nails are long enough when dirt gets under them I need my nails to dig out.
Has this ever happened to anyone?

It has happened to us twice now. The threaded bottle opening just breaks off of the bottle.

The first time this happened the polish was a dark purple and the bottle fell off the edge of a couch onto carpet.

That was a messy...shock!

This time it was contained in the nail bin and the bottle even remained upright.

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