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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Am Alive...Kinda

Who gets a fever with a side of cold minus? This gal apparently. Friday went from normal to ridiculous.

The daughter and I went grocery shopping after midnight because we were up. The single mamma and her baby were at the ER with yet another problem and we were waiting to pick them up. 

Her call came at 5am...

UGH Thank goodness it is summer break for those of us on track with school. We slept in as best we could. Me not so much because that is how I can be at times. 

I awoke Saturday to a draining nasal issue. I decided to have some hot tea in lieu of the usual morning coffee. 

The day meandered on. The mom and baby slept until nearly evening when family finally came to rescue them.

I started to get worse, developed a fever.

Soon I was in and out of sleep with aches and pains. Not quite as miserable as the flu but definitely hot and burning something through.

I lay in bed and during my waking moments thought of hydrating or what I could take if I could make it down the stairs.

We are out of Colloidal Silver but I have been trying the Echinacea and there is always the standard Vitamin C both of which we use for  colds, flu and other ailments.

Sometime in the wee hours my fever broke. Having slept for hours I was awake online for a while. 

I took a morning nap and then a shower. I felt weak like I had been sick more than just a day. Fever takes a lot from a person apparently.

Next has come throat congestion and eventually pain. 

I was losing my voice last night. I pulled out some Melaleuca cough suppressants and throat lozenges. Those provided momentary relief.

I gargled with warm salt water and had two more cups of hot tea.

I have a bit of appetite. That is good right? It is great then that we had just been to the store. I have eaten:

an apple
red grapes 
chicken noodle soup 

(which the cat then pilfered out of since I did not finish it off.)

I have been drinking water and juices. 

I missed my fellow classmates at graduation. I did not go to church. I have not even had the energy to wash my hair. That would have felt nice. 

It is not even that I cannot do that. It is the whole ordeal that needs to follow so I won’t end up looking like I already do with a crazy mop instead of more settled tresses.

When I went to bed it HURT to swallow so I was avoiding it. 

As I awoke not long ago…things were calmer…drainage continues…(the insides of) my ears itch.

Where is the Vics Vapor rub?


  1. Itchy ears are the WORST. They are the first sign that I'm getting a sinus infection or cold, and they are the last symptom to go away when I am better. I'm swallowing frenetically trying to keep mine from itching out of sympathy for yours as I type!!

    1. It is better now as an adult to understand what it means to have an inner itch. Ugh as a kid it was more the chest from time to time. I feel much better today and the congestion is going! Amen I much prefer the itching to the throat pain of yesterday.