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Monday, June 25, 2012

Writing Tip #15

Ok so I came extremely late to the 15 Tips for Being a Great Writer party.

Today is day 15 and it is ending for everyone else. No one said I can’t start now and just do it backwards so that is what I intend to do. I hope you my readers will get a kick out of it.

Today’s tip is to: serve others with one’s writing.

I totally get that. 

Not long ago I was sharing my blog via my Facebook feed asking my friends to vote for me in a challenge. 

One of my wry friends commented “Why do you need our help? Don’t you write for your own personal satisfaction?”

I was a little taken aback that anyone would ask me that. I had to decide it was not personal. I also figured people were not clicking the link and reading my posts.

I replied for those who were interested to see.

If all I wanted was to see myself write, I have a journal that I write by hand with pens in spiral note pads. I also have an abandoned Myspace with a blog plus a forgotten private LiveJournal.

No! I blog (write) to help and reach others. I blog (write) because I have something to say that I know people want to hear. I learned that when I created online communities via Yahoo in years past. 

People really responded to me sharing thoughts, feelings, insights and emotions.

They called me fearless for saying things they only dared to think about and giving voice to their dreams while silencing the evil inner critics so many feel hampered by.

I do not even want to write as much as I want to speak. If only someone could transcribe my life. For now writing is an out let for my spark.

The quickest things to get me fired up and posting are social issues or struggles that I see people are having. 

If I had not signed on for this challenge there is a painful line from a popular song running through my head that I would love to write about.

The blog about my daughter is born out of the pain in our relationship. My other support blog started when I heard families reaching out for support via Twitter.

When what I am writing has no direction and does not seek to help anyone it does not get shared. Often times it gets erased. There is enough vapid noise going on in the wide world. I do not need to contribute that way.

I want to break into Ebook writing and publishing but I need a good guide or outline to follow. I do not get the format yet. 

It took me all this time to decide to blog. 

I was waiting to see if I felt I had anything to say. Equally as important I was waiting until I knew I could put my work before at least a meager audience.

I call this blog an informative lifestyle place. I cannot much more define it. What will persons find here?

 Whatever it seems persons are in need of for that day.

Something that burns inside me if I refuse to say.

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