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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Baby Daddy Hero Sort of

In honor of Father's Day since mine has passed on. Here is the one nice thing my x has done for us over and above anything I could have asked or imagined.

I have not yet (see next post) told the story here on the blog of the worst roommates we found through Craig's List.

She turned out to be a meth addict. Go get coffee this one is going to be good.

For now I will tell how it ended. 

So a few months into being roommates the meth addict wastes or steals the rent money. She then tries to steal and extort more money from me.

I called the police. With my property returned and neither of us wanting to press charges the cops left. 

I realized even if there was a lock on my door this was no longer a safe environment for my daughter and I. 

I sent out an SOS on my phone for any and all who received it to come and help. 

My car was not working and at the mechanics. 

I was broke having just paid rent and it was around the 1st of the month.

My adopted aunt all the way in Elk Grove responded and offered me a place to stay. 

My daughter had school in the area so I was pleased that her dad was near and she could stay with him. He came to get her and that was all I asking for from him. 

As I put her in the car and turned to leave he paused me. 

He said “If I leave you and she self harms, then claims you hurt her that will be a mess. You need a witness.”

I had not been worried about that but it made sense. As he stayed I told him I was trying to grab the majority of the important things.

He said he could use his car, take things to his house and even store them in the garage or on his back patio. 

I was delighted but too busy to really enjoy this news. Then it got better. 

He has a small car but he knew a guy with a sort of flatbed type truck. He called that guy and had him join the caravan. We filled that thing at least three times in the next few hours.

A small confirmation that there is good underneath all the crap I deal with. There are reasons I still call him a baby daddy.

I am struggling with what more I could have been doing all this time. I try to just keep the distance and keep the peace. 

It appears after the recent father daughter fight I need to engage more in the fray of it all. 

Pray for me! UGH

Why cannot men just be good fathers all the time? By this I just mean showing up regularly.

To be a father but to only come when called and to never inquire or reach out and try to do more is not really all that fatherhood requires.

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