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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Conquering the Phobia

I turned on my laptop cam. 

That is a first for me. 

I have mentioned multiple times on this blog that trying to make videos intimidates (intimidated) me. 

So maybe I am facing my fears? I don't know.I took some pictures and then did that silly short video. 

When the video feed fired up the camera did not like the way I had my hair styled for the day. It was showing my hair being way lopsided at the part. So I quickly released it and twisted up the sides in the style that those who know me are used to seeing me in.

The only other thing on my mind was trying to figure out the right lighting and house location for me to make videos from if that was at all going to work. 

When I was done I hated it. I guess it grew on me. The room is in transition…long story don’t ask.

Maybe there is video hope for me but do not look to find me on YouTube anytime soon.

When I decided to buy a laptop I wanted to have the integrated camera but now I think that is a mistake. It limits the vantage points from which things can be shot.

It was either try a video or learn to make info graphics. I am feeling bored and restless. I do not really want to do anything new. I just want to reach a different audience.

I need to get out more and school is frustrating me. I have a couple of weeks off but not much planned. That can change in an instant is the good thing about that. 

There is a women’s retreat later this month but I think it is after school starts. 

The next time I get dressed up maybe I will do a video of some of the blog prompts I have written down. There seem to be a ton of them but then I come to the blank screen and none of them inspire.

A fellow mom and I are supposed to get together for coffee.

There is a chocolate chip cookie recipe contest. Look forward to my entry.

Patti Stanger is doing a brownie recipe call. I submitted mine.


  1. You look so young! And yes, I could hear you the second time your lips moved. When I do videos, which isn't often, I use my digital camera on a tripod. A laptop camera is very limiting.

    1. Thanks yeah I am on the slow burn life plan not really looking my age. My one claim to fame so far. I think I lip synched the first time I literally was at a loss for words staring at the camera staring at me it was a funny moment.

      There is a video feature on my phone but other than that I don't have other digital capabilities.

  2. Good for you for taking that first step in facing one of your fears. I know the first time is always the hardest.

    And I can relate to the idea of feeling sort of bored but not really wanting to learn anything new. Silly, aren't we? Hard to imagine things will actually change if we continue to do the same old, same old. Of course, it's entirely possible that things don't *NEED* to change, that we just need to step back a bit and appreciate what we have. But sometimes the boredom wins.

    1. Thank you. Personal pictures and images are just easily done wrong when one is dark or not a super model. Believe me I know. Besides that I grew up with a family unconcerned with photos. If not for my daughter I might still be really in the dark ages.

      With most other things I am rather on the cutting edge. I do not like to deny myself much.

      YouTube, G+ hang outs and Pinterest are just taking over I need to be able to keep up as I desire. Eventually I want to be a speaker so I figured someone else might have to figure out how best to capture my image. It just happened differently.

      I take enough time to step back it gives me the freedom to push forward from time to time. If changing does not bring results I know I need to just hold my pose and perseverance will bring it's own result in time.