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Thursday, August 23, 2012

1st Apartment (Pt 2)

My 1st guest poster and good friend Brian was one of my first visitors. He would take his allergy pills and come to hang out for a couple of hours some days after work.

I entertained a few other random guest but there were no loafers that never left or wild parties. It is something I try to explain to my daughter. 
My friends and contacts were in school (Heald Business) or from work. None of us were unwed parents. I did not get caught up in neighborhood fights or drama. 
I went to work and I came home. I made friends with people I encountered out and about busy doing things not just anyone I happened to meet at the mail box.

It matters what a person is involved in and where they are coming from mentally and emotionally when they come in to your life. 

I am all for meeting and befriending strangers. There is just a level of discernment that needs to go with that. My daughter is watching young families we have run into where no one works.

It is just teens and young adults wasting time day by day. There are all types of fights and problems. It took me looking back to think of how and why my young years living away from home were so different.
When I moved out I had no car and the bus system  did not have a straight shot route from my home to the job so it worked out better to cross the freeway overpass on foot.

I looked at some other apartments in the area that I would not have wanted to live in. I do not like gated communities. I do not like apartments that feel like match boxes. 

I would rather have a pantry in my kitchen than a microwave. That was not so then but I still loved the idea of space and shelving from the very start.
I am a book lover as well as a baker. I did not do a lot of baking or reading in the first little apartment. I however did not do take out and fast food either. If I did not eat at work I had to cook. 

When my sink got full or I ran out of forks, cups, silverware or whatever I had to wash the dishes. I alone was there to clean the cat box.

It was a restful peaceful life after a life living with neat freak parents. I did things because they needed to be done not because there was some external mandate.

I loved living on my own but it can be a tad quiet and lonely especially when just starting out alone. I think I bought the big 25 inch television. 

I am sure I had the radio I am not sure I played it. I did not have a sterio. If I had a tv there was no VCR. I did not have a microwave.

My apartment did not have a patio. Which was fine since I had no outdoor furniture. I bought a few things like bathroom essentials but I did not decorate.

Partly because there was no budget for that and partly because I am not overly concerned with such things. I like things girly and cute but I am not driven by them.
Once I move my stuff in where I am is home. 

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