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Monday, August 27, 2012

Do You Lean Left?

Let us just start this week of blogging off with a bang. Shall we?

This post was in mind as a series on the topic chosen in some what random order.

Then a tweet came across my Twitter feed. It was a variation on the idea that being aligned with a political party means total lock step agreement with the party platform.

Further it stated that those in the wrong were going to hell.

OUCH! That is such an unbiblical, uneducated assumption it hurts my head.

I have learned a lot by living. Why is it I  feel so often as if people missed the memos I got?

It does not take long being in groups to understand that there is very little such thing as a group in total lock step about whole manifests of information.

People join groups that make them feel secure or powerful. They join things to get support and show their general opinion without having to restate and re explain it to everyone they meet.

I decided not to try and defend the sides and issues I am for as I see them. That is going on in the blogosphere but it just did not feel right. 

Instead I will lay out the platforms as publicly displayed for citizen consumption. It is a good tool for discussing anew all of these issues with my daughter.

She is a passionate soul. She is a right fighter as well. I can dig both of those things. She is already caught in this web. I think it was the election that came down to the hanging chads which had her all fired up this time that year. 

When my voter information came in the mail I told her about the issues on the ballot. Between that and t.v. ads she had decided what her votes would be.

She would point her little finger in the faces of our adult friends and ask them if they were planning to vote. 

When they expressed concern and confusion over the issues she would break down things as she saw them.

Quite the hoot and riot. It was one of the many clues that, "like mother like daughter", mine was growing up quickly with an amazing on point mind. 

It is not like we are highly political family. There are just things we are passionate about. Some issues are clear, front and center.
There are many political parties but the largest are the ones in power.

As such we will start with the oldest: Democrats.

Also associated with words and terms like the left and liberalism. 

Political words and terms get thrown around with such vitriol at times, it takes careful thought to remember they stand for simple ideas that in and of themselves may or may not be all bad.

The party symbol is the donkey. The party color is blue. 

Big Government

More in Taxes

Less on Military Spending

Abortion and alternate marriage support

Community and social over individuals

Well known and in some cases loved democratic presidents: 

FDR Roosevelt        Kennedy        Clinton


  1. Have fun with this one! It looks like you've got the issue fixed! I'm also using Chrome, so I think you may be right about what was causing the 'hacker warning' to show up.

    1. Thank you. I hope things are ok now. I hope the host website get's fixed. Mean while oh yes this should be a fun week. "Just the facts ma'am just the facts". ;>