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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Strong Women (Smile)

I thought for some reason to post some fun girl power songs. I should have so I will. There is so much drama going on via social media we need some levity and distraction. 

I miss country music. I stopped listening to secular music because it can go from sweet to raunchy without a moment’s notice when the radio is just on and blaring.

I keep up because my daughter is not so discerning but then there are things that you just cannot hear on the radio anymore.

God bless YouTube. If you can remember even just a line from a song almost no matter how old you might be able to find it there.

I have a "runner" side. Like Iyanla says "If you see crazy coming cross the street." I agree!!!
Women and men are different. We have different motivations and sensitivities. It is complicated but it is not completely rocket science.

I wish more women would 

A) Stand up for themselves and                    B) Articulate clearly.
Guys Do It
I cannot find this one with the real video without a commercial in front and I do so hate that.
Tonight Im Just Me

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