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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Maybe You Lean Right

Day two in the series.

Onward to the issues. Wait no, we are still defining party platforms. I realized after I posted yesterday that I left off two of the hot buttons for this election year:

Immigration and Health Care.

Maybe they need their own post or posts of their own. 

My daughter was just asking me "What is the big deal about the health care bill issue?"

She has been hearing the term Obamacare but had not been really plugged in to what it is all about.
We had already discussed immigration issues. 

She knows someone who had green card issues. My mother herself immigrated to this country. A fact that did not really register as a big deal to me when I was a child.

Sometimes politics hits us where we live.
Never the less a clear understanding of who is on what sides and what is most important is needed.

I remember when I first started voting. I sat with my voter information on parties and read through them. I read about all of the parties, candidates and issues on my ballot. 

Speaking of things I remember. I was born under Carter but the first president I remember was Reagan. Being a Californian at the time all I really knew about him was that he was from here too and had been a movie star. 

My daughter has been such a delight. Once I had her doing some school work. We had some sort of kids little factoid book. It had a section on American politics, history and presidents. Each president had a few line bio.

I told her to look it over and do a mini write up on one that stuck out to her. Later when I looked at her work she was writing about Nixon. 

She was too young to know about the scandal. 

Innocently I asked her what had drawn her to this particular guy. 

I thought she might settle on one of the presidents that she had seen on t.v. in her life time, just because they would seem more familiar.

She said "Mom, Nixon was from California, like us."

I could've fallen over both with laughter and surprise. I am not sure I knew that. 

When I think about the history of this country I always focus on the people. 

The circumstances and situations, how working together hand in hand and side by side produced successes.
Conservatives are said to be right of center. Contrasted by liberals being associated with the left.

The Republican Platform:

Smaller Government
Pro Military
Traditional Man Woman Marriage
Legal Immigration
Pro Life
Justice for individuals

I took an online quiz a while back and came up slightly Centrist.

It sounds funny but it makes sense because I am a realist. 

There are conservative stances to hold on to and liberal ideas to embrace. It must be a delicate balance.
Some former Republican Presidents:

   "Teddy" Roosevelt         Lincoln                McKinley

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