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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Content vs Interaction

What would a bold chatter box not like about blogging?

That silence with a side of crickets sound.
It can seem a little lonely especially when you do it in the wee hours.

Some people, I know love the silence and the anonymity.  I prefer more interaction.

What I miss about blogging, that I get in the online community world of the internet is, instant feedback.

I love the website for fiber artist that has six reaction buttons for every post:

The Google plus one and Facebook Like are way behind the game.
I remember when I first got online back in the early 90’s. I avoided AOL chat rooms but I tried some via the Yahoo portal.

Jumping into on of those was like being teleported on to the floor of the New York stock exchange. It could give you whiplash and leave you shell shocked with your eyes rolling up in the back of your head.

Lines of text scrolled past looking like the fine print on a car commercial. It is where I learned to type as fast as I talk. That is pretty fast yall. I can give auctioneers a run for their money.

People frequently say to me slow down and breathe.

A few weeks in those rowdy chat rooms did what two courses in classical typing could not. Fingers on the home row and let it fly.

People noticed when you came and left the session. Whatever you said was reacted to at whatever speed you could catch it. Private messages popped up at will.

Here in the blog world there is that lag and turn around time.

I put three reaction buttons at the bottom of my posts. There are all those sharing tools. 

What do I get? Largely crickets in that arena. I am not sure what gives.
I think people are not used to giving back unless it is through comments.

I do understand that some people have no one else to share my posts with especially because my blog is so eclectic.

It just means it is taking me longer to reach new more active folks.

What I do love about having an established blog is having the content at the ready when topics of conversation come up. I share and reshare as I run into different people talking about the same things.

There are some classic posts that are always handy like those on diet and weight loss. I used to have that key word widget or whatever it is on one of my blogs.

Now I have a search instead because I do not use a lot of the same key words more than once. Instead if there is a topic on your mind go fish.

I do not blog for my peace of mind or solace. I blog because I know people are listening. I like being cross connected to people through multiple platforms.


  1. I never did the chat rooms, but would have had I known then what I know now. This is an interesting piece: I like the interaction as well, and the faster the better. It would be great if comments came in quickly and often. :)

    I love this:
    "I do not blog for my peace of mind or solace. I blog because I know people are listening."

    1. Why thank you. I have been in a funk. I need some new distractions while I wait. Some blog exposure I was looking into earlier this year has not yet panned out and I think that has contributed to it. There are a few ideas up my sleeve I need to put to work. Thanks for dropping by and spicing things up!

  2. Funny- Chat rooms drive me batty. I like the slower pace of comment interaction- I have a rule that a commenter on my blog gets a comment on their blog. haha! But, it may take me a week to get there. Part of that is because I also have a rule that I will no longer own/use a smartphone. In many ways, it holds back my social media networking and I lament that sometimes, because I think I might be able to grow a little more rapidly- but, I didn't like the constant mental pull to look/read/respond. I respond more slowly to people, but when I do, it is thoughtful and with the full use of a real, whole keyboard. :)

    1. I have never bought anything Apple and as mobile as I get is this laptop which I stopped taking everywhere so as not to risk being hacked through random WIFI.

      My only rules are to be authentic. I just need to get out there more. I know folks are busy and interface on their own time line. That will always be fine with me.