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Monday, August 20, 2012

Staycation 2012 Ending

I think I am back to center now with the year more than half over. The fall quarter of college has begun.

I finally feel like I have my mojo back. I don’t where it had been or what made it leave but it was gone.

I felt like that Bruno Mars song and I did very close to absolutely NOTHING for weeks. It was an unfrilly staycation. 
We could afford little else and somehow I guess I needed that down time to repair. I got in the pool.
We went to the fair.
I did not go on the camping trip even though I shopped and bought a new air mattress and pool floaty for said adventure.

I did not get to Vegas where my best friend from high school was hoping we could rendezvous after this now all but 20 years of not seeing each other.

Her husband won some trip and she live in MI. There might be the furthest west she has traveled although her twin lives in S Cali.

I have been to Vegas. I was barely an adult and I went with a guy friend who had won a trip there.

Next big thing on the calendar is our birthdays the kiddo and I. She wants to make a 3dr cake with a Cookie Monster theme. I think it is finally time for us to go and have family photos taken again.

My blissfully unscheduled life is over now until November. I like not waking up to an alarm clock and not having anywhere to have to be each day especially before about 2 oclock pm.

If you are paying attention you know I am just as likely to be up at 2am online doing something. I used to love to blog at that hour as inspiration hit. 

Doing the UBC took away that odd ball spontenatity and I end up doing them when I wake up.

I might want to push myself this quarter. Pre do all my homework or as much as possible before the end of next month.

I am set up for 12 units and I need to add 4 more. My limit is almost double that but it is crunch time now and I have less choice so it’s not as much fun.

I got the chair that was sitting up ended in my room for months put into place and I am loving it as an addition to the room for me and not just as a cat rest finally.

If I get into a good groove with school work I am thinking about a personal blog challenge for next month just to see where it gets my numbers. 

If all of that works out I further want to squeeze in the project that was supposed to engulf and consume my year but got shelved…


  1. Boy, my summer has been SO scheduled, this sounds like bliss! I would love to do nooooothinnnng!

    1. I know I am in a way spoiled. lol What were you doing and how many people were involved? I took 6 units of classes from June to July so things got done but I definitely took the first two weeks of August off!