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Friday, August 10, 2012

This Issue of Soul Mates

I believe the idea of soul mates involves the issue of compatibility.

As we read through and encounter other people’s tales and struggles in relationships we find ourselves reacting. Some things we tell ourselves we would never put up with. Other things we can commiserate about or recognize from our own lives. 


Who we end up with and can tolerate for extended portions of time has to do with compatibility. This includes emotions, mentality, spirituality and other things like society and culture.

Adaptability also plays a role. Those who bend are much less likely to break by snapping in half when pressed upon by the winds of change.

I can believe that some people will find in their lives more than one person to love deeply and fully. I can even believe in a more poly type of love and relationship.

Still I believe the ideal is a one on one commitment  through a life.

Soul mates do not have to be marriage partners. I believe we can have friendships that tap into the deepest parts of our beings and enrich us for a life time.
I wish I could promise everyone that they would have all these things. Sadly no one can.

I just hope these types of great relationships are not being missed because people do not understand what they have or what they are looking for.

A soul mate is not someone who is flawless. They are not mind readers. They are just good people who come along and join our lives. Relationships are fluid and what a person gets out of one starts with the input they bring to the table.
Life is not about seeking someone to complete us. It is about being complete and whole. When we are healthy by ourselves it makes us better candidates for the people and potential relationships that come along.

Think of a happy married couple that you know.

Think of a celebrity couple that has managed to stay together.

It is not just or only compatibility that brings or keeps them together. There is just a synergy to a great relationship that infuses the potential it represents. 

Some couples are very different from each other.

Some have varied interests and activities outside of the relationships.

Other times a couple seems to do everything together work and play. These are not the factors that make or break. It is something deeper.

A soul mate is someone special for and to you. I believe that is by design. I do not think it is accident or happenstance.


  1. Great post...I agree that type of relationship is by design and not by chance.

    1. Thank you. I hope people have hope and are really thinking about these things. I have seen some posts and blogs that worry me.

      Many seem lost or confused.

  2. Great post! So much truth! "A soul mate is someone special for you and to you.”

    Thank you for the affirmation.

    1. I am happy to see this is resonating with people. You are welcomed. Amen