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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Celebrate Honesty

A day for honesty.

Wow just when you think you have heard it all. Yesterday I started hearing it was National Honesty Day.

I can’t be mad at that except that we need it. OUCH

I wonder if it really caused any real truth and intimacy to go forward. I would love to think so. Reality seems to dictate that it probably did not.

People get locked into patterns and start to believe their own versions of truth and false reality. 
They forget the lies they have told. They get used to the interactions that are shallow and manipulative.

Just writing  that makes me want to take a shower. Then it makes me wonder about my connections and relationships. 

I want to believe none of them are living a false life. Although in this day and age I do not think anyone can make that blanket statement over everyone they know.

Too many people melt down or explode out of nowhere. Maybe that is slipping into other issues. One does not have to be a liar to have life put the screws to them and crack under pressure.

On the subject of honesty I am all for it. I find no reason to lie. Notice I did not say reasons. There can be no situational ethics when it comes to letting one’s life be clear. I find it instead always better to have truth on the table from the start.

If I do not like something I say so. If someone asks me a question I tell them what I really think. When I am wrong I can admit it to others and accept it for myself. 

It is good that I feel this way. I would hate to fight the battle of life on two fronts. With my bold expression I get in enough trouble speaking truth others are afraid to release.

Situationally there are times for tact and the holding back of harshness. I do not run around trying to hurt people’s feelings. I would rather not be in relationship with someone than make them cry or fight all the time because we disagree and can’t work together well.

Other times I know people are doing the best they can. In such times my best move is to simply walk alongside them setting a good example. People are taking notice of others as they live. If you care enough about yourself and them to be honest, over all they will appreciate you.
People want authenticity.

It does take thoughtful work and mental toughness. I encourage you to pull on repressed resources. Take a bold step up into another dimension. You cannot imagine what there is to gain.

I wrote a post a while back about the opposite. It pertains to the story of a girl who instead of revealing truth was holding in a painful secret. It almost destroyed her life. 

What is dishonesty killing or stifling in your sphere of influence? 

Is there anyone you know in self-destruct mode?

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