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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tupperware Rocks and Clicks

I grew up with Tupperware products. My mother being a west coast transplant probably got invited to parties through work or church.

I never went to a party and had no idea what I was missing. After I grew up and moved out I realized the kitchen items I grew up with were nowhere to be found. 

I had no idea everyone did not have a bacon keeper, bread keeper and air tight canister set.

When I found out Tupperware was then only sold through the home party plan I decided to give it a whirl. I joined by hosting my first party. I needed to earn the money to get my first kit of products and materials. It was also a great way to advertise my new business to family friends and neighbors.
The party went reasonably well. I was well on my way to becoming a Tupperware lady. I learned a lot. I enjoyed bringing joy and knowledge to my customers as well as a quality product. 

Eventually I had a whole collection of favorite and well used items in my home. 
That went on for quite a while and I even promoted to manager status by adding a few sales people to my team. 

It was a challenge as a single mother with no car to travel with such bulky items on public transportation. Eventually my party chain ended and I let the business go. 

Tupperware had not yet at that time embraced the idea of internet sales. I knew that would eventually be an every day party of the business model. 

I could see the power and potential of point click sold from the very early moments of getting online.

As convenient as that is there is nothing like a fun knowledgeable Tupperware rep at someone’s house with people you know preparing quick yummy healthy food with the products. 

A fellow student invited me to her party this afternoon. We had a blast!

We ate:

An Omelet
Seasoned Baked Chicken
Pineapple Upside Down Cake

These items were all made fresh and on site for our sampling and enjoyment.  

I ordered a lettuce keeper. We need to eat more salads. On my wish list are the cookbooks. 

I did not date a party but I would not mind coming to yours if you want to join the party chain. 

I am sure my new representative will love the sales if there are some items people want from near or far. You can find the sales catalog under her link here. 

 If you have older deteriorating lids or containers this is a time to take advantage of the Tupperware life time guarantee. 

I can find a way/place to host a get together if people are interested in coming to see what is new. 

We could do something unusual. Order online and schedule the party for the date the products will arrive. 

So then it is a reveal and delivery get together rather than a see what is new and order event. 

Oh the fun of working your own business. It is only limited by the creative minds involved.

If you have never seen a Tupperware event you should plan to change that. 
Booking parties means gifts & earning items.

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