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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Time Out For A Mom

As a mom, to all the Mothers, Bless you.

Take care of you.


Have some fun today. 
It is your day. 

It will be what you make it. 

Newer moms probably do not feel this way.

It is a mentality to put on.

My daughter has been busy preparing for today. She would be great as my secretary but she resists...

She bought and mailed or delivered Mother’s day cards to the other moms she knows. My note and gift of earrings were delivered this week.

She has a good heart and a keen eye this girl, with a generous spirit to boot.

She makes me proud and it is a joy to experience her.

I remember growing up as a child and knowing I wanted to become a mommy one day.

Mother’s day of 1996 I was pregnant.

It felt a little weird to celebrate as I stood on the edge of this great adventure.

Being a mother has given me a deeper and perhaps more full appreciation of my mother. 

It has done much to repair the damage that occurred in our relationship when I went through my teenage years.

In days of old with the little bit of family gathered around Mother’s day would mean going out to dinner or gathering in someone’s home to eat and share. This year instead I am hosting a new mom and baby.

The guests will not be home. I am headed to church and then the grocery store. My daughter is headed to see her step mother’s family. 

We are a modern day disjointed group.
It works for us because we are home daily together. It would be different and more a time to regroup if we did not see as much of each other during the normal weeks and day to day.

My fellow single Mammas will have to find ways to make the day special for themselves.

There is a new and unused personal smoothie maker in the house. 
There are already frozen berries in the freezer. I just need to add yogurt to the shopping list.

Can you tell I have a sweet tooth? 

Maybe it is the heat.

Now that I think about grocery shopping, splurging on flavored coffee comes to mind.

I have never made myself a caffeinated blended drink but the new smoothy maker can handle ice if I am not mistaken…


  1. A very Happy Mothers' Day to you. I hope you were able to enjoy your homemade flavored ice coffee drink -- or at least a smoothie!

    I liked what you said about having to find ways to make the day special. I'd have to say that's true about every day.

    Take care.

    1. Well I took myself to the movies instead but I got to spend the morning hours just shooting the breeze with my teen. It was nice. I ended the day by talking with my mother. That was nice. I hope you were able to enjoy the day as well. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I think the biggest thing I learned from what you said is that we can do something to make our day a special day. I like that because it removes the actions of other's from having full control of whether it will be a good or bad day! I will remember that!

    1. Bravo! Glad I could be of service. Yes, it is about our own empowerment. I hate that moms put pressure on their kids or families to keep them happy when they should be doing that for themselves.

      Then they complain "I lost myself." Yikes!

      Life works better and more comfortably when we run it instead of letting it come at us.

      Doesn't it feel great to plan a little something even if it cannot be much?

      As an Attachment type Parent there is a lot of loss of personal time and autonomy. This means joyous grown up moments have to be intentional.

      I take them and I love them. I took myself to the movies yesterday afternoon, alone, in between running carpool for my daughter. lol