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Monday, May 7, 2012

It Was Fun AtoZ

Last month I was signed on to do the second Ultimate Blog Challenge of the year.

With spring arriving and new challenges a foot I made a list of my own prompts thinking that would help put me ahead of the game. Right before April began I ran across the A t Z Challenge.

Could I do both? I wondered. I decided to find out. Indeed I did both. It went very well. Somehow that little bit of pre-prep gave me a new boost even though I did not end up using more than a few of them.

What I really loved about the AtoZ Challenge was that when viewers came over from their they said hello. Viewership increased as did follower count. It does not feel tit for tat. It feels genuine.

The influx was not outrageous. Comments were all very thoughtful. 

I read my share of participating blogs and commented on a few as well.

Maybe it could have felt more connected if the Facebook group had been discovered before nearly the end.

Visiting the page to see if there was a completion badge, I discovered that today was an official day to post a wrap up about the challenge.
The thought of posting one had crossed my mind.

Some interesting things happened last month in terms of interaction. Viewership was either equal or predictable. Some posts that were not as popular to the masses really drew out comments interestingly enough. 

Only 9 have no comments and of those many were not advertised because of when they were posted.

I hope my viewers learned something or feel a little better about themselves if they have spent any length of time reading what I wrote. 

My goal is to share, enlighten, and inform with wit, grace and humility.


  1. I'm tempted to join these month-long writing challenges, every month (BlogHer runs them, with themes and writing prompts). I always chicken out, wondering if anyone is interested in reading what I have to say every day, or even if I *have* something coherent to say every day.

    Congrats on completing your second! Was it easier than the first time around?

    1. If you have a blog why are you worried? Just post. People are nosy they will come. To be candid I joined the first one to increase my audience and without the determination to finish or fully comply with the challenge.

      That being said once I started the stick with the project pride kicked in. lol

      It is really about spurring bloggers to blog and viewers to come see. If that is daily fine. If it is weekly or sporadically that is ok too.

      When I have nothing to say I skip. Sometimes that means posting more than one on a future date. Sometimes I add a recipe. People do photos etc.

      The AtoZ letters each day gave me a focus that posting whatever I wanted did not and were not as hit or miss as the prompts from the UBC.

      Now that I have done it I know I can do it again. It's not that it is easier. I just know more what to expect.