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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Library Speed Dating

I missed last year’s event. I think I heard about it after the fact. This year I signed up just in time to make the cut off for us females.

There was a nice turn out. Over all impressive and not at all disappointing. I wore a cute little sweater dress. Just modest enough for church and yet not something I could get lost in at all.

No not that one but that is me. Not this one either but enjoy the pic.

We looked like an office party. There were all ages and races, types and personalities. Many of us are in MeetUps together but had not met before.

As an extrovert this was a total buzz for me. Still the shuffling every four minutes can wear on a person.

I think I only had one slightly uncomfortable conversation. Not even because I did not like what I was hearing or we were talking about. Only one guy that I recall was in a t-shirt and looked a tad under dressed for the occasion.

Having not checked my email I will say nothing about the 2 or 4 guys I specifically checked boxes for. Some that I did not choose were simply eliminated by age or something else that is no reflection on their book choices and personality

Many of the attenders on the male side seemed to be my age and introverted plus maybe shy. A double whammy for the supposedly aggressive side of the species. 

I cannot feel too sorry for them however. My dad was a hermit and my mother a social butterfly but they found each other. A little prayer or star alignment and pro activity can go a long way.

I would not suggest the organizers filter any better I think for a random free speed dating event it worked out just right.

Would I do this again, of course. Mean while I expect to see a small jump in MeetUp activity. I know a couple of us talked to our matches about other groups we are in that they might want to check out. 

I saw a couple of books that I might like to look up. One about a diving adventure. A non fiction tale about, buried treasure to say it simply.

Book authors and titles were not repeated that I could tell. A few brought more than one book. No one I sat with had anything like mine. I did see a woman carrying a nutrition book that reminded me of a text from a class. Maybe she liked the cycling and running men.

A few author names that I remember:

Henry Cloud, I am a fan.

Stephen King, I was a fan.

Dr Laura, I can listen to her show until she starts beating some poor caller over the head with one of her ideas that I disagree with.

One guy I sat with talked almost as fast as I do. This is a feat only auctioneers can topple. I touched his hand. Another guy had interesting matching tattoos that I never got around to asking about. 

As a group the men had fascinating professions and hobbies or histories. I never go on dating adventures with my heart on my sleeve or my hopes too high. Not because I do not believe in love at first sight or random (seeming) fate.

Rather it is because I am a practical lass through and through. Not harmed at all by my reading of the classics of my own volition in my preteen years. LOL

For those who have pondered attending and event like this. I say go for it!

If you can navigate every day living you can put yourself out there for a scheduled event to meet new people and maybe someone special. The ladies I saw were all lovely, so no disappointments there.

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