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Thursday, February 16, 2012


A fellow blogger confessed he was under a financial crunch for the first time in his life. I can only dream about such an idea. (Warning his blog is not always...PG...)

My story is more pitted financially. I live a simple life on the edge. Of course I guess it is thus to be expected that once in a while I slip off. This week was just such a time.

The problem started…years ago? Definitely earlier this month if not last month or last fall.

Buying a car out right after Christmas spending just wiped out my winter budget. I thought it had wiped out the expendable expenses part of the budget. I felt like if I stretched here, pulled and pushed there etc. I could make it.

I was wrong. I had started preparing my daughter for a few lean months. No we cannot afford a new cell phone. Save for a few dollars to run across the street for thrift shopping we would acquire no new things. Baton down the hatches!!! 

I was only a few hundred dollars off and wouldn’t you know a debt over the amount that I was missing which is a year old looked like it would be repaid in time. Did that happen? No of course not.

Life goes on. I did find a little help. If only I can get the right paper work faxed over…fax??? I had previously never sent a fax. Then I sent one and it wasn’t detailed enough… Oh the joys right?

The best news might be that there is some hope in the tax realm for my student status. Of course that means doing my taxes which I thought I was going to avoid this year. Back filing??? IRS 1 800 line here I come.

The great news about that is at least last time I checked if you have the time to sit there and wait they will do everything but sign on the dotted line at the end filling out all the blanks and crunching all the numbers patiently with you.

Maybe it depends on the operator you get. There is nothing that says if you get someone you don’t seem to gel with you cannot call back.

If that works out I can be in the clear for another few months at least.
Meanwhile I am busy doing 12 college units and it is finals time. I have a teen daughter who started a kitchen fire as I was on my way to a church counseling class I am taking on Sundays.

The class means I will miss Brunch with the Sunday MeetUp group at the Cheese Cake Factory. GROWL Pout

I really have not even unpacked my new web address and the WordPress blog I signed up for last month. I am hoping it will be a platform for an ebook and the start of my literary career. If only I had an agent. This first book is a compilation that is already written and just needs to be compiled. Back to if I was not so busy!!!

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