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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Growing A Salad

It was probably 2005 the year I decided to try my hand at gardening. While I was reading about how to manage my space another idea came into view.

Having not grown up with a mom who had flowers, herbs or plants anywhere around my dad’s gardens had been more industrial.

Rows of corn 

A strawberry patch that eventually took over the back fence section of the yard for years to come. 

A couple of other random items staked out here and there.

Decide the elements you want to harvest. 
Co plant them around items that will repel their pests and deter other issues common to them.

I have an organic crunchy all natural streak if you have not been able to tell thus far along the ride as a blog viewer.

I guess the casual observer could just think ditching shampoo and antiperspirants, (not deodorant all together) being an unschooling, home schooling, single, mamma might mean counter culture. 

Then it all changes making you wonder if I am more of a fad hag. Maybe people totally get it and I just feel disjointed. That happens more than perhaps I would like to admit. 

So yes I wanted a no digging, no weeding, garden with no pesticides. All this from a young woman who does not like the taste of most vegetables. In recent years adding, as they have been so far presented to me. I like to think there is hope for me. Until there are more studies about us Supertasters.

I am finding that in some cases, it is, all about the how of prep and presentation. I like carrots but more raw than cooked. The main way I ingest peas is in split pea soup. 

My favorite natural non fruit things to eat are tomato (yes I know but you understand) corn and potato. 

We grew up without garlic. It is one thing my mother could not stand. Now I can appreciate its benefits but I use it more medicinally than in meals. It seems like there was appreciation for cooked spinach when I was a child. 

Cabbage was always non offensive on the plate. Now I make a nice sandwich with the dark leaf but have never made coleslaw. Maybe I should try that.

Meanwhile for my next garden I like this idea for the lineup:

Celery~Cucumber ~Sunflowers


  1. Welcome and glad you are so tickled. Thanks. It is nice to bump into others who get it.

  2. Well that is an interesting combination. Are the flowers to attract the bees?

    1. It has been so long since I looked into this I cannot remember. It probably is that for whatever reason those flowers repel pests that would other wise attack the specific other items to be planted or they attract the right kinds of bugs and creatures to do that job instead.