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Friday, February 17, 2012

9 Leadership Points

This post is going to break my rule on 500 word count. However it is part of such a huge topic I am sure you will not mind. Further I am leaving it open if for my readers to add to it.

I will give you nine of my points. You add a point. If I get 12 impressive points we can do a link up and I will host your point with a link back to your blog or web site in a future post. I guess that means you will have to comment and subscribe to comments, check back and be at the ready to email me the info I will need if all goes well.

Good thing it is the weekend right? Come on smile, that was a mini joke.

Now for the tips. This comes out of my own head as well as a class I just finished and a few other things. Who or what inspires your thoughts on leadership?

1) You are a spark a light a catalyst and an answer to a question somewhere.
2) Vet criticism.

3) All you need is a soap box and a voice to get started.

4) People in need want someone to follow. 

5) You do not have to know it all. Good thing too because that is impossible.

6) Surround yourself with people who excel in your weaknesses.

7) Go for peace and progress not control and glory.
8) If you can see the problem you might be the one designed to create a solution.

9) No Jealousy.

 Think of the animal kingdom. No not the survival of the fittest. The part where every different creature has a different purpose and function even different creatures in the same species.


  1. Great points- Something I learned in the military and in the civilian workforce was that the people who helped make people shine around them were the best leaders. It's not about proving you're the best or the smartest. It's about making those around you smarter and better. The organization wins, skills are strengthened, and it builds loyalty and respect. So, I would add.....If you want to shine, help those around you to shine.

  2. I do like this and agree thank you.